House of Q

The House of Q is a locally owned barbecue restaurant. It is located in Morningside in a building that was originally occupied by Normandy restaurant. Upon entering the establishment I was immediately greeted by the staff and informed of how the ordering process worked. They were more than friendly and willing to answer any questions we had. A rich smoky smell was present throughout the restaurant. The walls were decorated with artifacts of the restaurants involvement in the community and funny window paintings of happy pigs. We were seated in a comfortable air conditioned room. I believe this added to the experience because it was over a hundred degrees outside.

The menu contained an array of smoked meats including beef, pork, and chicken. The multitude of combinations you could order was impressive. Not sure if you want sausage or a hamburger? No problem! Put them both on one sandwich. That’s still not enough? You could always add one of the many sides that ranged from the sweet to the savory. I had been to the House of Q before and already knew what I wanted to order. I elected to order a half rack of ribs and sweet potato fries. Considering the size of the group I was with, the food arrived at my table impressively fast.


The ribs had a rich smoky flavor that was complimented by the sweetness of the dry rub. A pink smoke ring was clearly present in every slice of meat. The table had a choice of several different sauces including original, chipotle, spicy, and honey. I opted for the chipotle barbecue sauce because I found it spicy, but it didn’t overpower the flavor of the meat. The sweet potato fries appeared bright orange and covered in the same rub that went on the ribs. The sweet potato fries were pleasantly crispy and not at all greasy. The dry rub went great with the sweet potato fries. The portions were so large that I had leftovers for at least one more meal.

The big bonus of visiting the House of Q is the beer list. The House of Q has arguably one of the best beer lists in Sioux City. It is a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. The list ranges from cheap domestic beers all the way to imports that you have probably never heard of. I ended up ordering a beer named Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche. It was a tasty dopplebock, but the real selling point is that it is a smoked beer. It has a rich oaky flavor that pairs with barbecue perfectly.

Delicious smoky goodness

Delicious smoky goodness

Overall, the House of Q is a great barbecue joint. I would definitely return here. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys dry rub barbecue. Expect to spend seven to ten dollars per person and leave with leftovers. The service is great and the environment is friendly to all ages. The House of Q is a family owned restaurant that offers great flavors and good value.