Nov 30 2017

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News Comment #15

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-Fox News

The story is newsworthy because NBC fired Matt Lauer from a complaint of sexual misconduct against him. He has now put out an apology statement expressing how sorry he is for his actions.

There is a quick broadcast version of the story above the article. Now, there are more women are coming out about Lauer’s inappropriate behavior towards them.

Half of the article was the statement that Laurer wrote. His former Today co-host read his comment on-air today.

A part of the article is a summary of the Lauer controversy. Another part is the new information added on to the headline like the new allegations and a comment from NBC.

The audience is people who are interested in what’s happening in this controversy, people who have followed all of the sexual allegations stories, fans of the Today show, and fans of NBC.

The lede is compelling because it gives an update on the allegations and tells the reader why this article is essential like Lauer stated about the alleged claims.

The point of view in the article is in the third person. The quotes from Lauer are in the first person and the second person.

One thing that is missing in the article is what do the former co-workers of Lauer think of the allegations. The people at the Today show might be able to give an insight of Lauer’s behavior.

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  1. fuglsangon 05 Dec 2017 at 8:16 AM 1

    This story came out quickly. Savannah and Hoda read it on air minutes after it was relesed. This was a shocking story, simpy for the speed at which Lauer was removed. That speed suggested it was true, and bad.