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Several accidents due to slick roads in Sioux City (news comment)

Three car accidents occurred in Sioux City yesterday after first snowfall. Each accident occurred in varying places such as Lakeport, Gordon Drive, and Floyd River Bridge.

There isn’t much to comment on this news article. Maybe talk about an overview of the accidents then dive into each one after. The lead could be stronger bit other than that it’s fine.

Article: https://www.siouxlandproud.com/news/local-news/vehicle-rolls-on-lakeport-street-near-highway-20/

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  1. crstaff

    The lead focuses on the most recent (as possible) info. Broadcast is about being fast.

    It’s an overview lead. It covers a lot of siimilar events — car accidents.

    They read it out with a warning to drivers to be careful.

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