Ever wonder how flies land upside-down? Well this new video shows us just how they do it.

A study by Bo Cheng shows that the flies have several ways of attempting this landing. The main form used is a backflip where the hind legs of the fly hits the ceiling first, then the rest of the body follows.

Another way they land upside down is by barrel rolling. The flies rolls into position with one side of legs catching the ceiling and swinging the other half into position.

This isn’t an easy feat however. It is reported that the flies have 50 milliseconds to react to the wall or ceiling. No reaction causes a collision of course.

Jack Frost may be changing his occupation this winter. Snow fall aids in police catching suspects in stolen car case.

Officers were able to follow tire tracks left in the snow in an alley just behind 2620 Dakota Ave. Officers said that footprints led them to the stolen vehicle where Narciso Paniagua was soon arrested.

Vaping continues to take affect over teens around the world. A Detroit hospital was successful in a double lung transplant performed on damaged lungs due to vaping.

No other details over the transplant were released yet, but the toll of vaping sickness continues to rise in America. Totals of vaping related sickness have reached over the thousands, leaving 40 dead. CDC says that Vitamin E is responsible for the sickness.

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