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The Mall Explosion

Today at 9:50 am, there was an explosion at the Mega City Mall that left close to 100 injured and 2 dead.

The press release after the incident gave little insight to the causes of the explosion. Captain Fuglsang lead the press release with optimism of finding out what had exactly happend. “All that is known about the incident is that the explosion occurred in the food court.”

There will be another press release today at 2pm in room 102, reporting more evidence found in the search. This press release will not be televised.

The Transfer (Final)

Jordan Torres, a student and football player for Morningside College, didn’t anticipate the journey that college football would be. Jordan also didn’t know whether he would play college football at all.

Playing as an offensive lineman, Jordan would partake in a smaller football program for his high school 8-man football team. 8-man football known more in smaller towns where teams might not have enough players to fill all 22 starting spots. This is where he learned and developed his love for the game. Jordan didn’t think he would receive any offers to play college football due to playing on an 8-man team. That soon would change.

Jordan received an offer to a JUCO college team just an hour away from his home town of Denison, IA. Iowa Western College took a chance on Jordan, but he would have to make a position change due to his smaller size. At 6’3” and weighing at 220 pounds Jordan made the switch from lineman to tight end.

As a freshman, Jordan would get to see some playing team here and there. But he began to realize that this team really doesn’t use tight ends that much. “I kinda just shrugged it off in the moment seeing that I was getting some playing time”, Jordan told me.

After his first year at Iowa Western, things weren’t what he was expecting. The classes Jordan was talking didn’t suit him, and he continually lost interest. “I just wasn’t very happy there, I had friends and stuff, but the classes were just so boring”, Jordan said. Jordan began to think about taking his academic and football career somewhere else.

After only one year with the Reivers, Jordan jumped ship. “I knew I was going to have to transfer at some point, but it all came down to when I would”, said Jordan.

His time came in the summer of 2019 where he transferred to Morningside College. This would become Jordan’s new home for the next couple years of his life.

Jordan is now happier with his schooling and has met a lot of new friends. “It’s awesome to come to a place like this and be welcomed with open arms so fast, usually it takes some time before people would open up.” Jordan continues to talk to his old friends from Iowa Western but prefers to spend time with his new friends that wear the Mustang.

The Transfer (anecdote)

Over the summer of 2018, Jordan Torres made one of the biggest decisions of his life. “Do I continue with a program that isn’t the best? Or do I transfer to a school that can get the job done?” Jordan made the switch hoping to be a better fit.

Coming out of high school, Jordan didn’t know if he would play college football or not until he got the offer. Iowa Western College took the chance and offered Jordan a chance to play football. He took the chance and ran with it.

Jordan always knew that he would have to transfer out of Iowa Western, but it was about when he would. After one year with Iowa Western, Jordan ended up transferring to Morningside College and continues to play football to this day.

Kanye West Was Spotted Wearing Nikes at Thanksgiving (news comment)

Kanye West was seen trying on a pair of Nike shoes this past Thanksgiving. This isn’t like Kanye, seeing that he has a deal with Adidas and is open with being against Nike. The fans of Kanye were reportedly surprised by the move.

Personally, who really cares what shoes a celebrity is trying on? Kanye has been going trough some big changes in his life due to him being bipolar, and this just my be another by-product. So in my opinion, this shouldn’t be news worthy.

Article: https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/kanye-west-spotted-wearing-nikes-thanksgiving/

Tyler, The Creator: “I Like Girls, I Just End Up F*cking Their Brother Every Time” (news comment)

Tyler, the Creator is often open with his fans about anything, even his sexuality.

In a recent interview, Tyler noted that: “I like girls, I just end up f*cking their brother every time.” This has gone to no surprise from the fans of Tyler, as he is an avid supporter of the LGBTQ community.

The lead and title of this article work very well as they are very eye catching. I would probably expand more on how open he is with his fan base. It would just expand the story more and add a little more “spice”.

Article: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/tyler-the-creator-i-like-girls-i-just-end-up-f-cking-their-brother-every-time-news.96200.html

The walk to class

While walking to class I had a conversation with Zac and Anna. Anna didn’t know what we would do in class today. Neither did Zac and I. Zac debated to himself it was even worth showing up for class.

Zac was an average hight, curly haired, goof that always loved to joke and provoke discussion. Anna is shorter, straight haired, and is more laid back. Listening to them argue about showing up to class was something else.

Before we came to the conclusion, we pondered on why we were kept so long in our last class. As we neared the door we all decided that it might be a good idea to show up. We might have been wrong.

Broadcast Story Script

Ever wonder how flies land upside-down? Well this new video shows us just how they do it.

A study by Bo Cheng shows that the flies have several ways of attempting this landing. The main form used is a backflip where the hind legs of the fly hits the ceiling first, then the rest of the body follows.

Another way they land upside down is by barrel rolling. The flies rolls into position with one side of legs catching the ceiling and swinging the other half into position.

This isn’t an easy feat however. It is reported that the flies have 50 milliseconds to react to the wall or ceiling. No reaction causes a collision of course.

Jack Frost may be changing his occupation this winter. Snow fall aids in police catching suspects in stolen car case.

Officers were able to follow tire tracks left in the snow in an alley just behind 2620 Dakota Ave. Officers said that footprints led them to the stolen vehicle where Narciso Paniagua was soon arrested.

Vaping continues to take affect over teens around the world. A Detroit hospital was successful in a double lung transplant performed on damaged lungs due to vaping.

No other details over the transplant were released yet, but the toll of vaping sickness continues to rise in America. Totals of vaping related sickness have reached over the thousands, leaving 40 dead. CDC says that Vitamin E is responsible for the sickness.

Broadcast story audio





Several accidents due to slick roads in Sioux City (news comment)

Three car accidents occurred in Sioux City yesterday after first snowfall. Each accident occurred in varying places such as Lakeport, Gordon Drive, and Floyd River Bridge.

There isn’t much to comment on this news article. Maybe talk about an overview of the accidents then dive into each one after. The lead could be stronger bit other than that it’s fine.

Article: https://www.siouxlandproud.com/news/local-news/vehicle-rolls-on-lakeport-street-near-highway-20/

Zac Hazen Revisited

Goats before hoes, this is the way Zac Hazen used to live. The Hazen family use to raise goats for shows as Zac grew up.

Zac grew up in Vertigre, NE where he was the second youngest of two brothers. Zac spent most of his time skating and playing with his brothers on their “farm”.

During his highschool years, Zac played multiple sports and enjoyed dances. Zac competed in track, wrestling, and football. Track would lead Zac to a career at Morningside College.

Zac still enjoys the things he did back on the “farm” as a youngster. Skating and eating asian food remains the top activities he enjoys. Zac also loves creative outlets such as music and design.

Couple Shoot

They say that rain on your wedding day is a bad sign, but a shooting takes it to another level. Reports say that there was a shooting at a wedding yesterday.

Sargent Mann, a police spokesman, had this to say about the shooting: “Richard Brunson, 50, shot his wife, Laurette Kenny Brunson, 38, with a .22-caliber handgun.” The shooting took place at approximately 5pm yesterday.

Walter Course, a neighbor of the Brunson’s, said: “the son came out yelling she’s been shot and can’t breathe.” Laurette was shot in the abdomen then taken to St. Lukes Hospital. Laurette is said to be in satisfactory condition.

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