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August 27th, 2015

The article “Is Journalism as We Know It Becoming Obsolete?” by Mathew Ingram is news because it is informing students like me and people already in the profession, that journalism as a career could possibly be threatened if people like Winer are calling it obsolete. It’s basically news about the people who contribute to the news.

I like how it gave two sides to the title. At the beginning there were quotes on why journalism is becoming obsolete with reasons why they felt that way. The second half was a different view on how one could look at journalism just evolving into today’s social media world. I liked how to wasn’t one sided.

The audience is meant to be targeted at people in the journalism profession, but since the article said anybody can be a journalist it’s actually to anyone who knows how to use the Internet and social media.

The lead is effective because it’s a question and you could say either “yes it is” or “no it’s not”. Then both of the possibly answers are touched on.

I don’t think that there is anything missing because like I said before both sides are covered and the conclusion that journalism itself won’t go away. Just the way it is presented like in newspaper form may be the obsolete thing.

I liked this article and wouldn’t have done anything differently.


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