Newborn baby found alive

This news article come out of Manila, Philippines.  According to the article, security at the Manila airport had found a baby boy wrapped in tissue paper and inside a garbage bag.  The baby came on a flight from Bahrain.  There are authorities working to track down the mother who gave birth while on the plane.  Staff at the airport was able to clean and nurse the baby, and turned him over to social workers.  It is thought that the baby is of Filipino background. This is leading investigators to believing that the mother is working in the Middle East to Escape poverty .

This is a article that is very hard to swallow for many people especially parents of children.  It is newsworthy because the article contains a story that is very sensitive to people.  Along with that, there is the unlawfulness from the woman who left her child.  According to the article, charges will be placed if the woman is found.  All these parts make this a very strong news article.

I dont find much missing with this article.  The article covered every part of the news story nicely. The reader even received a brief history of Filipino workers.

I personally would have dug a bit deeper into Filipino culture to try and receive more clarity as to why this woman abandoned her child if this is in fact the reasoning behind this act.

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  1.   Fuglsang said:

    The news comments are due on Friday, Ryan. I’ll count this one for this week (9.17). Just make a note to yourself to do them on Friday.

    Yes, babies endangered is human interest. Airports and security have some currency as well; how does this happen when airports are supposed to be so safe?