Pumpkin Pie

Students from Chagrin Falls High School had their annual pumpkin smash-and-slide cut short due to injuries. For the students at Chagrin this pumpkin tradition has dated back to 1969.  What the students do is roll and smash pumpkins down a hilly street in order to make a pumpkin mess that they slide down in slides and trash cans.

Police had to stop the shenanigans 45 minutes later because of the minor injuries that were sustained from some of the students.

This is not really news worthy to me.  It talks about students in an Ohio High School and does not really apply to students here in Iowa.

This Story could possibly be more newsworthy if there had been a fatality of any kind.

This story was fun to read, and it applies to Halloween which is right around the corner.

October 20, 2010

Olsen Stadium

Ryan Tellinghuisen

Olsen Stadium, originally called Roberts Stadium until 2005, has been around since 1940.  It is the site for all the Mustang home games including soccer, track and field, and football.  In 2005, along with a name change came a renovation to install a new field, lights, track, and parking lot.  It is here that I chose to observe.

I am sitting on the front row of bleachers on the visitor’s side of Olsen Stadium.  There are little gusts of wind felt on my arms as I start to take in the stadium’s surroundings.  I can smell the aroma of the outdoors and green grass in my nostrils.  The bleachers begin to feel cool through my shorts as I sit.  I look to my left down the individual bleachers to see the sun flickering off of them.  I look down on the floor below me and notice that the ground is unclean.  There is also a pattern of ware from where feet have been for many a game.  Underneath the bleachers rests dried out sunflower seeds from games past.  The seeds are mixed in with more dirt and lawn creating a darker complexion on the ground.  As I look on, I notice the walls on the base of the bleachers.  The paint is sprinkled with age at spots throughout the wall.  There are also spots on the wall that appear different.  These spots are chipped and have a lighter shade of maroon.

I look on around the field.  I notice the raised hills with grass.  The grass is dull in areas, and coated a light brown in certain spots.  The grass is short and does not move in the light crisp wind.  I look down the hill and notice a man and boy riding their bikes between where I am sitting and the chain link fence bordering the track.  They pause a few feet in front of me to lean against the chain link, and take a breather from pedaling.  Both have their bikes stopped to admire the track team as they make a turn.  Man and boy each have sweat dripping from their brows, a sign of the distance they have traveled together.  The boy is enjoying this time; it is evident in a smile that he emits.  The man seems all in taking a big breath and using the chain as a crutch to keep him level.  I too follow their gaze and notice the track team coming in for another lap.  The runners are all breathing heavily as they pass, most wearing as little as possible as they continue on down the track.  There is a sense of determination in the runners, fueled by coaches yelling encouragement as their runners rush past them.

My eyes now move to the field where I see football practice in full swing.  The players are in separate groups throughout the field executing different drill assignments according to the stern instruction of the coaches watching closely.  The field is a warm inviting green, with white markers and two maroon end zones.  The field is all artificial making it more appealing to the eye.  It looks soft while also being quite uniform, almost as if it was just rolled out.  I can hear the crack of pads smashing together as I sit and observe.  Every so often a whistle is heard and the sound of a play shortly following.

My mind comes back to the bleachers.  Even though they are not filled at this moment, there is the expectation of full crowds to watch an event on the field.  The stadium is quite for now.  The energy in the stands is dormant waiting for a spark of feet to bring it to life.

Man Takes a Ride

October 15, 2010

Carousel Man

40 year old Bradley Ray Bromelow rode the baggage claim carousel Thursday into an a secure area.  Bradley filmed people as he rode along the carousel.  He faced a trespassing, and was bounded out of jail early Friday morning.

This article is not newsworthy.  This is just a story that made news only because the man is clearly an idiot.

I would not have chosen to write this article.  It is not very newsworthy and does not apply to many people.  The only reason that this story could have been considered news worthy is if the man had some terror motive in mind that was found out.

Branstad Speech

October 15, 2010

Terry Branstad visited Morningside College’s campus Monday to discuss his viewpoints for the upcoming election.  He talked about things that need to change in the government, and how he was going to address these issues.  He touched on various topics including abortion, gay marriage, health care, and preschool.  Branstad also addressed various negative comments about him from his opponent.

After talking, he took questions from people in the audience that had concerns for him to answer.  One interesting quote that I took from the speech was Branstad’s response to a remake made from his opponent  saying that he hates kids.

” I have grandkids myself, I just visited them.”

I also got a quote from Kevin a student from Morningside that attended the speech.

” I liked his preschool take. That low income families don’t have to pay as much. He likes kids and this is why.”

Homecoming 2010

October 13, 2010

Homecoming Week was this past week at Morningside College.  It was a chance for those going to the college to take part in various different activities with other classmates.

“A good time was had by all,” Michelle Kuester, freshman, said of the experience. “Everything from the Harlem Wizards to the Homecoming Dance was grand.”

The weather was also very nice throughout the week.

“Besides the rain during the game, the weather was great,” said Stephen Campbell an Irish transfer student.

There was also a homecoming king and queen. This year Senior Terence Hancock and Laci Swanson were the winners.

“I always like homecoming.  It is great to see returning Alumni coming back to Morningside.”

Gene Ambroson, director of Alumni Relations who was in charge of Homecoming had this to say,“Homecoming allows people to get together and have a good time.”

Homecoming kicked off last Monday when the Harlem Wizards came to Morningside to take on the Morningside All-stars. The event was fun filled and the Wizards not only showed great ability at basketball, they also threw in some humor throughout the game.

“The best part for me was when the Wizards started fooling around with the crowd. It was really fun to watch,” said senior Russ.

On Tuesday, there was the Mr. and Mrs. Morningside Show. This was a fun event that led to many laughs from the crowd. Football players dressed as ladies were the main highlight of the evening. There were also many interactive games with the crowd throughout the show.

Wednesday brought class games. This was a chance for each class to gain bragging rights. There were many games for the classes to compete in, and everyone had a great time.

On Thursday, along with the coronation of the king and queen of homecoming, there was a talent show. This was a chance for Morningside’s brightest to show off their skills for all to see. This was very fun filled and there were crowd games throughout.

“I went on stage and played one of the contests; it was fun,” said Nick Brinks.

The rest of the weekend was jam-packed. On Friday, the Mission Improve Comedy Crew came to Morningside.

“They were funny and creative in their shenanigans,” said Haoqi Jin.

Saturday was filled with even more Homecoming activities. At two o’clock the Mustangs took on Dordt on the football field.  It was an exciting game, and the stands were filled with returning Alumni , students, and parents of students.  This was also the inaugural game for the three camera TV production.  This meant that this was the first live three camera shoot for the KMSC TV broadcast.  Following the game was “A Taste of Morningside.” This was a special event where all the local vendors brought different food for people to eat.  There was a very large turn out for the event.

“I enjoyed the funnel cakes at Taste of Morningside,” said Jill a freshman at Morningside.

Taste of Morningside concluded with fireworks at seven-thirty.

Following these festivities was the Homecoming Dance, which took place at the convention center downtown.

Overall this was a very eventful week and the students had a fun time.

Burning Spuds

Most people know that the traffic in LA is already miserable at times.  Well the problem became even worse at 2:30 thursday morning.

What happen was a tractor-trailer carrying 50,000 pounds of sweet potatoes caught fire in Glendale.  The fire caused Interstate 5 heading south to be closed for almost 8 hours until the yams could be repacked in a different truck.

This was an interesting article to read.  It is a bizarre story that you don’t read about everyday, however,  I am not entirely sure that this article is newsworthy.  It does inform people that live around that area and use that route to get to work in the morning however.

If I were to write this article I would try and include quotes from people that were witnesses to the burning yam truck.  I would not want to get quotes from the people because I would have a general idea of their mood.


October 8, 2010

2010 Morningside Homecoming has so far lived up to expectation, and the best is yet to come.  The week kicked off on Monday when the Harlem Wizards came to Morningside to take on the Morningside All-stars.  The event was fun filled and the Wizards not only showed great ability at basketball, they also threw in some humor throughout the game.

On Tuesday, there was the Mr. and Mrs. Morningside Show.  This was a fun event that led to many laughs from the crowd.  Football players dressed as ladies were the main highlight of the evening.  There were also many interactive games with the crowd throughout the show.

Wednesday brought class games.  This was a chance for each class to gain bragging rights.  There were many games for the classes to compete in, and everyone had a great time.

On Thursday, there was the coronation of the king and queen of homecoming.  Terence Hancock was crowned king, and Laci Swanson was crowned queen.  Following this was the talent show. A chance for Morningside’s brightest to show off their skill for all to see.  This was very fun filled and there were crowd games throughout.

The rest of the weekend is jam-packed.  On Friday, Mission Improve Comedy Crew will be coming to Morningside.

Saturday is filled with Homecoming activities.  At two o’clock the Mustangs take on Dordt on the football field. Following the game is “A Taste of Morningside.”  This is a special event where all the local vendors bring different food for people to eat.  This is concluded with fireworks at seven-thirty.  Following these festivities is the Homecoming Dance.

Everyone that I have talked to seems excited for Homecoming.  They have enjoyed the activities and different events that have been held.  Many are also looking forward toward the rest of the week on into Saturday.  For some students, this is also a chance to meet returning Alumni and catch up.

I had a chance to interview a couple of people about Homecoming throughout the week.  I first interviewed Gene Ambroson who is the Director of Alumni Relations.  His favorite events include Taste of Morningside, and the Fireworks.  I also interviewed Terence Hancock.  He told me, “Homecoming is a great time to get together with everyone from Morningside for a couple of days.” “It’s a great time to be around Morningside and experience all that Morningside has to offer.”

My Convo With Karen

October 4, 2010

My assignment from Ross was to search for a 50 state quarter and trade for it with a regular quarter that I had.

My scavenger hunt started out in the library in front of the cafe.  I asked the ladies working there if either of them had a state quarter. They did not.  They suggested that I instead go and ask Karen Johnson if she had a quarter to trade me.

Went i first walked into Karen’s office she was sitting down on a chair behind her desk. She was listening to music and doing some work on her computer. I introduced myself and said that I am working on a project for journalism class.  She looked warm and inviting as I first began to talk to her.  She found a quarter in her drawer full of change and we traded.

I then sat down in the chair in front of her desk and began to talk with her a little bit.  We talked about how I was a junior transfer from Florida and I explained to her how I found out about Morningside.  I also said that I am a mass comm major and that journalism is a class that I am taking to get toward my degree.  Karen found it interesting that I was from Florida and she told me that the weather is going to be getting a lot colder.

I thanked her for helping me with my assignment and left.

Quote- “Let me turn down this Bare naked Ladies.”

Thomas Ritchie

October 4, 2010

On Wednesday, Thomas Ritchie spoke in our Journalism class.  Thomas is the online director for the Sioux City Journal.

He started out by saying that the biggest change in the last five years is the ability to stream video on Youtube.  This changes news, and makes it more animated.  He said that all of us are able to create news everyday through Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.  Twitter he mentioned has become very important through it’s use in the elections and the world cup.

He went on to say that there is a decline in actual newspapers.  Writing for a newspaper has become more than just words, video is becoming more involved in stories too. He also added that now with new technology, you are able to click on a picture and have hundreds of links to other websites.

I took quotes from other people and here is what they had to say.

Kevin- ” The presentation was engaging, but the professor was not.”

Michelle- ” I liked the rape video, and he had a nice pair of slacks.”

Fox To Use Flying Cameras

October 1, 2010

FOX will use flying cameras for postseason baseball coverage

Everyone that has watched a pro football game on FOX has noticed the camera that hovers over the field giving everyone a close in look at huddles and plays.  Well now that same technology is going to be tested out for pro playoff baseball games.  The idea here is for the cameras to hover over bases and the pitching mound.   FOX is planning on testing the cameras out this weekend at the Philadelphia- Atlanta game.

I for one am not so sure that I am a fan of incorporating cameras during baseball games.  The article also states that the MLB has not yet come up with a plan if the ball is to hit the camera.  This is a main reason why I am not a complete fan of the cameras.

The article did a nice job of covering the subject .  The article gave all the information that the author was given as well about the subject.  It is a very interesting topic and was fun to read.