Spectator Bridges

Madison Square Garden is going to be undergoing some changes to add some refurbishment to the stadium.  One of the features that will be included is spectator bridges.

The article says that the new spectator bridges will alleviate the frustration of trying to watch a game while standing in the back of the very back row.  The bridges will be suspended above the courts during both hockey and basketball games.

This was a fun article to read.  I have a fond interest for stadiums and appreciation for the style and uniqueness of each.  This idea for bridges in the stadium sounds really interesting and appealing to me.  There are some downfalls that I can think of however.  For instance, how will the people sitting further up the stadium be able to see?  I think that the bridge would block off a lot of viewing.  The idea of bridges also poses a major safety issue in my mind.  There have been stories of adults and children falling from upper level stands in the past, and the bridges are much more of a threat.  Also, wouldn’t there be disruptive fans that would either accidentally or on purpose spill food or liquid?

The article was written pretty well.  One of the parts of the article that stood out to me was how the author involved the reader by making the reader look into the future.

If I had written this article, I would have included more response to the bridges being constructed.

Water Tampering

On November 1, in Hollywood, Florida, Earl Davis reportedly climbed the fence of the Hollywood treatment plant and took off his clothes.  Davis then proceeded to turn off some of the power switches in the control room.

It was then reported by the FBI that Davis put on a hazardous material suit and turned off the backup generator and some more power switches.  By this time personal working at the plant were able to halt Davis from causing any more problems.

This story does not strike me as being very important.  On the other hand this is a story that could very well affect the people of Hollywood, Florida.

Earl Davis could have caused a far more serious problem if plant personnel had not reached him when they did.  Davis could have caused a major problem for the plant and the water could have easily been contaminated which would have an impact on the people of Hollywood.

This article was written very well. The story was concise and to the point.

If I were to write this article I would have included some more information about Earl Davis. A question I would address would be why Earl decided it best to take off his clothes and get into a hazardous materials suit.

Fusion 93 Clip

November 16, 2010

Clip from September 29 show

Classic Pops and T

November 16, 2010

Classic Pops and T

Article Number 3 Audio Clip

November 12, 2010

Texting While Driving


November 8, 2010

Texting While Driving.  Is it safe?  What are the laws?  What do people have to say about it?

Interview somebody from the business office see what they have to say.

I receive comments from the person.

Ask 2-3 students, and see what their input is.

Do you text while you drive?

What are your views on texting while driving?

There have been many crashes related to people not paying attention to the road and instead texting.  What measures can be taken and have been took to try and eliminate this problem.

Injured Man

This news article comes out of Adair, Iowa, where Iowa law enforcement say that a man was found seriously injured in a ditch close to Adair-Casey High School in Guthrie County.

Investigators said the man they found in the ditch, 59 year old Robert Zimmer of Altoona was found in the ditch with serious cuts to his neck which was later revealed as being self-inflicted.  Zimmer was taken to a Des Moines area hospital where his wounds were found to be non-life threatening.

Investigators also took measures to assure parents and students that the school was safe and that authorities were handling the situation.

This story is very news worthy.  However this news story is more in proximity to Adair-Casey High School.  It is newsworthy for the people around the school, parents, and students who were concerned about the situation.

This news story covered the topic very well.  It was also very informative and to the point.

I would not have gone about this story any differently; it was done quite nicely.