Last Conversation

October 7, 2021

The Last Conversation I had was with my Percussion Professor Ron Smith and we were talking about practicing sight reading music and reading marimba notes faster. He was wearing a green quarter-zip jacket and Kakis with some brown new balance shoes, has grey hair and wears glasses.

Our conversation went for every 5 minutes when I had to start playing and reading notes but with me its really hard because I don’t know how to read piano notes even tho I am a percussionist I never grew up playing piano and it was hard for me to read music.

Good Conversation

September 28, 2021

Sam Fister is a Sophomore Marketing Major at Morningside University. Going through college during the pandemic was hard she didn’t want to quarantine, she got behind in class, she is not very good with online classes because of procrastination and not having a choice whether you can be in person or not. It was hard to focus while in an online class. It was hard not being able to participate in cheer “we relied on each other if one of us got covid then all of us would be out, we hung out like a family.” Sam was mad that she never got the closure to finish high school.

Lead Writing Assignment

September 23, 2021

An angry group of citizens protest Backwater University because a biology class is teaching evolution being taught by Laura Cliff the associate professor of biology. The group is being led by Pastor Wilbur Straking of Ever-Faithful Church of the Living Water. Straking said “I plan to lead a group of 25 dedicated Christians to the state capital next Monday to speak with legislators about this problem. We believe the teaching of evolution is against the principles of this Christian country, and we want to put a stop to it.” Associate professor Laura Cliff commented on the group’s charges but the university president never did.

Stranger Danger

September 21, 2021

Dr. Erik Mahon is in his 4th year as the director of jazz studies, he loves Morningside and the interaction with the students last year it was very difficult to remember names, Erik loves to figure out where everyone is from and loves to hear what you like about jazz, Dr. Mahon loves having students walk into his office just to chat and learn a little bit about you. Dr. Mahon likes wearing khaki’s and polos and looking so fresh and fly. Dr. Erik Mahon’s big plans for this weekend is that he is playing in a band and has 2 gigs one on friday night which is a wedding and saturday night he and his band are playing at a suicide prevention night hosted in Sioux Falls. “I have always loved jazz it felt like jazz will always be apart of me.”

Kristal Grigsby is in her 11th year here at Morningside she has been in the eppley office since june and was in the business office before this job because the last person who worked there retired. “I love Morningside, the interaction with the kids and just seeing everyone smiling.” Kristals last job was hard to interact with the students since she was in the business office. Kristal’s big plans for the weekend is that her daughter invited her down to her house for her husbands birthday and is the first time she will have both families together. Kristal also worked with Dave Madsen and Joan Mansfield at KTIV (Channel 4) for many many years.

Malcolm Butler of the New England Patriots intercepted a pass intended for Ricardo Lockette on the one yard line, which stopped the Seattle Seahawks from winning back to back Super Bowl’s . There has been many speculation where the Seahawks should have ran the ball since they had the best running back in the league at the time, but in a quote from Geoff Schwartz “for those who argue that Seahawks should have run the ball, where would you have liked them to run it? There are eight defenders in the box against six blockers, and they have leverage based on alignment against a possible inside zone from shotgun.” Schwartz is a retired nfl lineman so he knows the ins and outs of the nfl, so everyone needs to stop making fun of Seahawks fans.

Seattle Seahawks fans are tired of hearing jokes about passing the ball on the 1-yard line, or someone saying we should definitely run it at the 1-yard line guys, it gets annoying when they bring the past from 3 years ago and every Seahawks fan you ask they will be mad if you mention the words Super bowl 49 and Tom Brady and every Seahawks fan will argue that was a Pass Interference and it wasn’t called which it should have been called. Russell Wilson called the right play and there was no where to run the ball the gaps would have been all closed and yes Marshawn Lynch could have ran it on the outside but that would’ve been stopped right away, Marshawn Lynch was at a 4/15 rushing Touchdowns at the 1-yard line. A quote from Deion Sanders “The worst call in NFL history”.

That is why everyone should stop making fun of Seahawks fan’s for Superbowl 49.


News Comment #2

September 9, 2021

In this article from the New York Times about California’s recall election being broken in California voters have to answer two questions first, do they want to recall Mr. Newsom, and second, if he is recalled, whom do they want to replace him? The governor can be recalled through a simple majority vote. His replacement needs only a plurality, no matter how small. This means that Mr. Newsom could win the support of 49 percent of voters and still be recalled. A candidate vying to replace him could be elected with half of that support, or even less.

New’s Comment #1

September 2, 2021

In an article by the New York Times, a journalist reports about how the Taliban finds it hard to govern. The past two weeks since the fall of Kabul, it has been a struggle for Taliban officials to take up functions of a new government. Although surprised by the rapid surrender of the Afghan government, the Taliban movement has been preparing to take power for more than a decade, steadily expanding its shadow government in waiting. Over the years, they have formed national commissions for sectors like health care and education, appointing officials down to the district level across much of the country.

In a quote by, The Taliban intelligence chief, Hajji Najibullah, “That afternoon, our leadership ordered us to enter the city in order to prevent looting,”. Kabul was abandoned it’s almost as if the Afghan government just gave up after the United States Military withdrew from Afghanistan.

I recommend this article to anyone who wants to learn more I liked it because I learned a lot about the Taliban and if you want to learn more definitely read this article and every other article the New York Times has about Afghanistan.

New York Times

About Taya Hinkeldey

August 30, 2021

Taya Hinkeldey grew up in Schaller, Iowa on a farm, and went to High School at Ridgeview. Graduated in 2020 with a graduating class of 34. Taya has 3 siblings all are at least 14 years older than her, 5 cats and a dog at home, she has 10 piercings and 7 tattoos, her favorite color is green, favorite food is anything with noodles, favorite fruit is peaches and her favorite vegetable is asparagus. Parents were both born in the 60s. Taya likes to run and workout in her free time, plus reading and she is really addicted to Tik Tok.

Taya is a Sophomore here Morningside University. Taya is double majoring in Marketing and International Affairs. Taya choose Morningside because she has a track scholarship and because it was small. Taya is a sprinter for the Morningside Track Team. During college Taya is going to Flight Attendant school. After college Taya wants to start her own business, and own her own bar.

Quote: “Die with memories, not dreams”