News Comment #11

14 11 2012

In Lake City, Iowa, a fatal house fire claimed four people’s lives.  This incident took place early Tuesday morning.

The four people who lost their lives were 22-year-old Tyra Pierson, her 11-month-old son Xavier, Madison Pierson, 8, and Wyatt Pierson, 3.

Police, Dana Cook was on patrol when he noticed smoke coming from the south end of town.  When Officer Cook approached the house it was too hot and there was too much smoke inside the house to make an attempt to go inside.

When the fire department showed up it took them two hours to get the fire calmed down enough for the firefighters to go in.  When they got in, the firefighters found all four of the resident dead.

The cause of the fire is unknown but officials are still investigating.

This type of news is local news.  I find this newsworthy for me because I know where the town is.  I don’t know the people but it still is of interest because I’m from that area.  Another reason I find this newsworthy is because you hear about house fires, but you don’t hear about people not being able to get out of the house and survive them.  Unfortunately, this is sad news but this is the type of stories that grab peoples’ attention because things like this don’t happen every day.



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16 11 2012
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