Science Scavenger Hunt

1 11 2012

Hurricanes have been hitting land hard within the last few years.

Here’s Hannah Hecht with the story.  Science story

Make sure you are ready for the next hurricane if you live on a coast.

Broadcast story

30 10 2012

Police are looking for a suspect in a shooting that occurred yesterday around 5:00 pm.

The situation occurred at 617 Jackson Street at the home of Richard and Laurette Brunson.  The couple was married Saturday.

After the wedding, the couple’s reception began at 5 pm. At the wedding reception Laurette threw macaroni salad at her new husband.  Richard retaliated by shooting his new bride in the abdomen with a .22 calibre handgun.  With about 30 guests in attendance, a neighbor called police.

Neighbor of the couple, Michael Martin said the following.  Martin

Laurette was taken to St. Luke’s hospital where she is in satisfactory condition.  If you have seen or know the whereabouts of Richard Brunson, please contact the police.

Big plans for the weekend?

20 09 2012











On a gloomy Thursday morning, the admissions office sits quite with friendly secretary Colleen Knapp, sitting at the front desk. She was sporting a shorter style haircut with her dirty blonde hair, glasses, a bright pink shirt, and a smile on her face.

I walked into the admissions office and was greeted by Colleen saying, “What can I help you with?”  I explained to her I had a project for my journalism class and asked if she would mind answering a question of what her big plans for the weekend were.

Without hesitation Colleen said, “My weekend isn’t very exciting. I plan on finishing hemming curtains for my daughter, visiting friends, going to church, and baking.”

With a busy weekend ahead, hopefully the gloomy weather this morning doesn’t continue throughout the weekend so Colleen can enjoy the weekend!

Analyzing my writing

13 09 2012

The place I need to improve my writing the most is reading my articles a loud before submitting them. I find that my fingers don’t go as fast as my mind. A lot of the time, when I go to reread something it just don’t make sense.

I could also work on the way I describe things. I took a writing class last semester where we wrote stories all the time and the main objective of that class was to get the students to show things in their writing, not just tell.  I have had some practice with that a little bit but that skill isn’t great yet. I think if I keep practicing that skill will become even better.

President Obama’s visit to Morningside College

5 09 2012

The cheering of hundreds of people and chanting of “4 more years!” as President Obama made  his way to stage on Saturday, September 1, 2012, was a feeling I will never forget.  Over the past 4 days, all the Morningside students had seen the preparation taking place for the President to speak, and now it was actually happening.

Arriving at 1:30 on Saturday just to make sure I had a good seat was well worth it.  I sat at the top of the bleachers right under the campaign slogan sign reading, “Forward.”

I anxiously sat through the reading of the Pledge of Allegiance, the singing of The National Anthem, the short speech the secretary of agriculture, Tom Vilsack gave, and the introduction of the President given by Rob Hach.  As the crowd grew quiet again, everyone’s attention was drawn across the street, to the parade of police and security vehicles.  President Obama was here! I never thought I would be waiting to see a current President speak.

As the line of vehicles pulled into the parking lot, the crowd began cheering and clapping.  As I caught the first glimpse of Obama, I felt overwhelmed and emotional. Over the past four years, I had heard this man speak numerous times on television.  The first time I heard him speak I remember saying to my mom, “He is such a natural speaker.”  That is one thing that hasn’t changed about him.

Through President Obama’s speech, I tried paying close attention but at the same time, I wanted to take everything in. It was hard to give Obama one hundred percent of my attention considering the amount of people in attendance, the media that was there, and the handful of Secret Service agents that I saw in every direction that I looked. I can honestly say that this is an experience I will never forget.

Tasty Ice Cream Treats!

30 08 2012

Blue Bunny ice cream treats are a way to get any hungry person’s attention that likes ice cream.  Ice cream treats can be messy, tasty, a surprise, and a good treat all at the same time.  As Ross came into class today, he had our attention with boxes of ice cream. No one knew for sure why he had ice cream but we didn’t turn it down. I choose a blue bunny’s ice cream treat to fulfill my hunger.

As I began to open the ice cream treat the wrapper was cold and made crinkly noises. With the treat being cold and me opening it at the wrong it, it was hard to hold onto the treat.  Once I got the treat out of the package my mouth started watering in anticipation of eating the tasty ice cream treat.

I took the first bite and the outer cover crumbled and made a huge mess.  As I finished the rest of the treat, it was very tasty and left my hunger satisfied.  I was then left with just sticky hands and a wrapper to throw away.