Script of Story #3

8 11 2012

New build/Renovation:

By 2020, Morningside College should have a bit of a new look to it. The title of this project is named “Vision 2020 Transformation II.”

The goal within the next eight years is to raise $50 million. About $30 million of it has already been raised.  According to Morningside’s website, the money will be used for facility improvements, and endowment and annual scholarship funds.

The money raised will fund a new academic building, which will hold classrooms and a new advising center.  An outdoor plaza will be added around the new building, the science center, and the Learning Center.

The Learning Center will be remodeled as well.  The new academic building and the learning center renovation will be the first big project completed.

The next step to the project will be to renovate Dimmitt Hall and Eppley Auditorium.

The other money raised for this project is going to annual scholarships for students and endowments.

Questions to ask: “How are you using current student opinion to influence your decisions?”

“What are the benefits of adding a building to the campus?”

“Do you think this will affect tuition in the long run for students?”


Food Drive:

Being hungry and not having food to eat is never a good thing.  The only thing worse than being hungry is being a little kid with no understanding of why there’s nothing to eat.

Food 4 Kids is sponsoring a food drive to help children at Whittier Elementary School. At Whittier, 67 percent of the students qualify for free or reduced lunches.

The goal of this program is to get pre-packaged food bags for children over the weekend to keep their bellies full.  There has been such a demand for these food bags; the Backpack program can’t meet the need for them anymore.

Food 4 Kids is a program created by the St. James United Methodist Church.  Right now, this group provides sack lunches to the kids at Whittier on the last Friday of the month.  The groups’ goal is to distribute these food bags every Friday starting in January.  After this goal is accomplished, Food 4 Kids would like to expand to five other needy elementary schools in the Sioux City area.

Food 4 Kids is asking for help from the students at Morningside.  Within the dorms, there will be totes for food collected.  The program accepts cereal cups/boxes, granola bars, snack pudding, juice boxes, individual bags of peanuts, peanut butter filled crackers, fruit cups, fruit snacks, and beef sticks.

The residence halls will be having a competition to see who can collect the most food for each building on campus.  In January, the overall winner will receive a catered meal by Sodexo.   Food collection will begin November 17 and end on December 3.


The annual Christmas at Morningside is right around the corner.  The performance is set for November 30 in Eppley Auditorium.

All groups participating have been practicing for a few months now.  The groups performing are Bel Canto, the women’s choir, Singing Men, college choir, choral union (a mix of the three choirs) and a group of elderly people called master choral.  The band also performs by themselves and with the choirs.

The overall concert will last approximately an hour and a half.  A lot of hard work and dedication has been put into this performance.  So break out that Christmas spirit a little early and enjoy some carols by your very own Morningside students.




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12 11 2012
  fuglsang (05:14:15) :

All three stories are M’Side related, so that should help you with the intro and transitions. Should make finding sources fairly easy as well. The leads look fine.