Story #2 Draft: California NCAA athletes will be compromised from 2023 on

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On September 30th2019, the “Fair Play to Play Act” was signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom, which will allow college athletes in the states to make money off their name, image and likeness.

With the introduction of the “Fair Pay to Play Act” in 2023, the NCAA will not be same anymore. All college athletes of the state of California in the NCAA will be paid for the use of their likeliness. Jersey and ticket sales but also commercials will be opportunities for the athletes to earn some money during their college career.

This topic splits the college athletics community, with many supporters but also people who think that this might be the beginning of the end of the NCAA.

Mike Krzyzewski, head coach of Duke University, is one of those impactful supporters. Coach K talked positive about “Act 206” at the ACC conference media day, saying “We need to stay current”. Even though Duke will not be affected by the act until the state of North Carolina signs the act, too, Coach K has the opinion that this will make more athletes want to play college sports. “…we have not always responded to the needs and right of our players swiftly and frankly…” Krzyzewski added in his statement.

Tom Maxon, head coach of the Morningside College soccer teams, has a more critical view on the “Fair Pay to Play Act”. Maxon said in an interview “The idea makes sense; many players are struggling financially during college and after but it will be really unbalanced’. Maxon fears that the act could affect a few amount players positively but the majority will not be seeing the big money. 

Morningside senior and former basketball player, Usa Suud, sees a progress with the agreement of the act. “It is a step towards the right direction, especially for athletes who are capable of making it into the pro leagues, but get injured during college. in the past those athletes were left with nothing… Hopefully other states will follow the example soon”

Women’s soccer player and Sophomore at MC, Kenzie Homan, has a skeptical view on the execution of the act. “I understand the step they are trying to take but it would be fair to have equal salaries between both genders… Men might generate more attention but female athletes put in just as much work”.” Women could be the losers of this act”, Homan added and this opinion is wide spread in the community.


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