The article “NFL says Hunt can’t be with Browns during ban” published by ESPN on August 28, 2019 deals with Kareem Hunt’s eight-game suspension. The running back got suspended from the NFL for two off-field violence cases last year and was immediately released by his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Cleveland Browns who ended up signing Hunt as a free agent will have to go without their 2017 rushing yard leader for the first half of the regular season.

However, the Browns had asked League commissioner Goodell for permission to have Hunt around the team at practice but it was rejected. So, now Hunt is not allowed associate with the team on the practice facilities until his ban is over.

In my opinion, this article does a good Job in delivering short, right to the point, objective and important news. the shortness of the article makes very easy to follow and the editor used many but pretty short precise paragraphs. Those helped realizing when he started a new point or idea. Also, the short sentences that were used, made me understand the story better since it is way easier to follow along. They basically just gave the reader everything he needs to know and not too much or too less.

ESPN also did well in terms of objectivity since they did not take any sides on this case. They objectively explained Hunt’s crime without making him look like he is a really bad guy and on the other hand they used quotes of his teammates, like Baker Mayfield to make a point why Hunt joining the team might be useful for all sides. They found the right balance in showing both parts of the discussion.

This news is very important for the NFL, since Hunt is one of the best Running Backs in the league and once he returns these first two months without the team might have an impact on his role and impact on the team.





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