The news article “Opinion: Report On Racism, But Ditch The Labels” posted on the NPR website on July 17, 2019, deals with the NPR calling president Trump a “racist”.

Trump used twitter to tell democrat congresswomen with foreign origins to help their own “…worst, most corrupt…” governments, before criticizing himself and the US. On the NPR.

On NPR’s podcast “Code Switch” NPR’s VP of Newsroom Diversity and Training, Keith Woods, said that the news website will not change their opinion and that it is their Job to make those kinds of characterizations. I will have to agree with Woods on this topic. At first it might look unprofessional to title somebody’s tweet as “racist” but what president Trump tried to put in nice words in his tweet, was basically an appeal to the women to go back to their country of origin. NPR is just saying out loud what a lot of people think and they are not wrong. I agree with the approach of NPR and Woods standing behind the characterization, because in class we also came to the conclusion that one of the most important jobs of media is to tell people the truth and be precise with it.





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