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foreign gains

The Vox article “The emoluments clause, explained for Donald Trump” does exactly what the title says. It explains the emoluments clause and states its significance for President Trump’s plans to host the upcoming G7 summit at one of his own resorts.

The emoluments clause is a group of provisions in the U.S. constitution, which basically state that any person that is holding office in the U.S. is not allowed to receive “any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”(Vox,2019)

Emoluments “would encompass sort of the profits of ordinary market transactions.” which makes this clause relevant for the upcoming G7 summit. Trump plans to host the summit at one of his resorts, which would lead to him receiving monetary gain from foreign governments in the form of their leaders and with that, violating the emoluments clause.

The article does a good job explaining these old and complicating provisions in simple terms to a younger audience. It also does a good job applying the concept of the clause to Donald Trump’s case and explaining why this is significant for the audience.

busted weights

When asking around campus what campus facilities are in most need of renovation, nearly everybody was quick to mention the HPER weight room, a facility that is surprising in two ways.

Firstly, a surprisingly large amount of people are working out in that space, especially given that it is mainly designed for the small non-athlete student population of Morningside. 

Secondly, when looking at the machines, squat racks and free weights in the room, the run down and in some cases non-functional state of the equipment is noticeable.

Madison Reed, says: “Not only is the HPER weight room, in its current condition a hazard to the well being of the students working out there, but also does not provide a welcoming and motivating atmosphere due to dim lighting and dirty floors and fixtures.” 

Madison, who worked out at the HPER weight room for over a year, observed the decay of equipment first hand. “There are eight non functional barbells in the weight room, which makes working out with them impossible. There are also many broken and missing cushions on the weight machines, which makes working out on them uncomfortable and even dangerous.” Madison also adds that “a renovation of the HPER weight room is overdue and would improve the quality of life for all students on campus.”

Her experiences working out there and the fact that more and more students made their discontent with the situation known, prompted Madison to use her position as the Morningside student government vice president to start lobbying for a renovation of the HPER weight room but unfortunately her term was over before real results were reached.

While the students that work out in the HPER regularly are certain that a renovation of the weight room is more than necessary, the fact that this weight room mainly serves the non-athlete population on campus and that this population is fairly small might make school administrators hesitant to put large amounts of money into the project. 

Since there is a weight room and strength staff for the students on campus that are in athletic teams, their urgency to push for a new rec center weight room is not exactly overwhelming. “Well, it’d be great to get a renovation but in all honesty, I rarely train there so it does not affect me too much.” says Joel Katzer, a Morningside Football player. He adds “but if there was a petition or something that would be put out where we could show our support for this renovation, I would definitely sign it.” This shows that even students that are not directly affected by the state of the HPER weight room are aware of the problem and are willing to support finding a solution when presented with the opportunity to do so.

Unfortunately, when reaching out to school officials about this topic, no specific comment was available at the point of publishing this article, but this article will be updated as soon as a comment on future plans with the HPER weight is available. 

The need for a renovation of the HPER weight room is evident, with many students being negatively affected by the bad condition of the facility and more and more athletes also becoming aware of this problem. It is up to the Morningside community to push for a renovation of a campus facility that, in the words of Morningside student Alex Paulson “really sucks”, the way it stands right now. 

“you determine your ​destiny”

One thing that stands out right away when talking to Morningside Alumn Alex Watters is that he has a passion for helping people. It doesn’t matter if it is during his day job as a Morningside College career development specialist or as a member of the Sioux City council, Alex Watters seems to always be focused on how to improve the lives of the people around him. So it was no surprise to me that he answered the question of what the most fulfilling part of his job at Morningside with “seeing students succeed or seeing them have that realization of what they really want to do with their lives.”

Even before a life-changing accident, that severed Watters’ T5 and T6 vertebrae and left him paralyzed from the chest down during his freshman year at Morningside College, his life was filled with service to others. As a middle and high school student he was active with local political campaigns and worked as a page at the Iowa house of representatives where he helped wherever he could and developed a passion for politics.

This passion was one of the reasons why he took an internship with the department of education in Washington DC during the summer after his senior year. During this internship, he worked with the secretary of education as well as with First Lady Michelle Obama on her initiative “Let’s read, let’s move” wich encouraged kids to read and play more aoutside.

After working as a regional coordinator for Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, where his coordinating efforts earned him a week with the most doors knocked in Iowa, even though he was not able to physically do that himself, he was able to take a position at Morningside as a first-year student advisor, which has no progressed to career development specialist. With such rich experience both in the professional field and in life in general, it does not surprise that he states: “it was mostly Life experience that helps me to advise my students.”

Alex is a man that did not let a Life-changing accident define him and who works tirelessly to enrich not only his life but to touch as many lives as possible in a positive way. He is not only aiming to make the city more accessible for wheelchairs and other forms of personal transportation through his position on the City Council but has bigger visions for healthcare and awareness for disabled members of our society, which he lobbies tirelessly to many of the influential political figures he knows through his engagement with parties and political campaigns alike.

And while he is well aware that some people have it easier in life than others, his advise is “you truly determine your own destiny! It is about how hungry you are!”

Safe to inject?

The Vox article “Cities are considering safe injection sites. A federal judge just said they’re legal.” talks about the rising movement for safe injection sites in major cities as response to the opioid epidemic sweeping vast parts of the U.S.

The article gives a timeline of the development and gives information on a court case that allowed a Philadelphia based non-profit to establish a safe injection site in their city.

The target audience is most likely a younger audience, concerned with the drug problem of the country and also with social issues in general. The author does a good job giving objective information and a detailed timeline of the events and also does a good job featuring supporters and opposing voices throughout the article.

The case of Antonio​ brown final

 After months of controversies and antics, Antonia Brown was released by the Raiders and signed with the Patriots over the weekend. 

Ever since he started training camp with the Raiders, there always seemed to be something going on with Antonio “AB” Brown. First, a cryotherapy visit gone wrong left the star wide receiver with blistered feet that didn’t allow him to practice for most of training camp. 

Then, just when his feet seemed to get better, the NFL banned his decade-old helmet and AB did not seem to be willing to play in any other helmet than the one he’s always played in. Many fans got mad and did not understand why AB would not just get a different helmet and move on, the newer helmets have to be better and safer after all? 

As Nate Jackson wrote for Deadspin, no helmet on the market is so safe that it can actually completely rule out concussions for the player wearing it and Antonio Brown “is a finely tuned instrument. Throw off one key and the whole thing gets retuned. Who knows if it ever sounds the same again?”.

Brown finally decided to wear a newer helmet, which came with a hefty new endorsement deal with the company Xenith and started practicing. Fans thought he finally settled in with the raiders and is ready to chase a Super Bowl.

But the drama continued. Last week, it was reported that Brown and the Raiders’ general manager Mike Mayock had an altercation which was, according to the Washington post, over the fact that “ Brown had been fined by the team for unexcused practice absences and posted a picture of the fine letter on social media, voicing his displeasure.” and the Raiders were planning to suspend or even release their superstar pass catcher. Towards the end of the week the problem seemed solved when Antonio Brown apologized to the team and Raiders quarterback Dereck Carr told NBCNews that the team was “all excited to move forward.”

Finally, this weekend the Antonio Brown saga with the Raiders finally came to a finale. After asking the team to release him via Instagram post and getting released shortly after, Brown posted a controversial video on YouTube that showed him celebrating being released. That did not scare off the New England Patriots, who signed Antonio Brown only hours after his release. 

Only time will tell if the Patriots, who are known to not be scared by difficult personalities, have made the right move by acquiring Antonio Brown but their receiver corps is definitely one of the best in the league now and it would not be the first time that signing a drama-heavy talent like AB worked out for them in the long run. 

Introducing Ashley Boer

During our last class period, I was able to sit down with my classmate Ashley Boer and ask her a couple of questions in order to get to know her better.

Ashley is from Rock Rapids, Iowa, which is approximately one hour and 15 minutes away from Sioux City. She found her way to Morningside to play Volleyball and pursue an Advertising degree with a graphic design minor. She also said that she came to Morningside because “it felt like home”.

Ashley enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music and watching all kinds of sports when she is not on the court herself. When asked what three things she likes best about Sioux City, she was quick to respond that she likes the food options here, especially Buffalo Wild Wings, the size of the city which she described as “Not too big and not too small” and the close proximity to home, which allows her to see friends and family often.