dark secrets

The New York Times article “Before Joining White House, Stephen Miller Pushed White Nationalist Theories”, reports on leaked emails written by White House advisor Stephen Miller, in which he promoted ideas that are popular with white-nationalist groups before he joined Trump’s administrations.

The author explains that the Southern Poverty Law Center obtained over 900 messages from Miller to Breitbart News between 2015 and 2016, in which he tried to influence Breitbart to include ideas in their news that are regarded as white-nationalist, like the idea that people of color are planning a “white genocide”.

The article then explains the significance of this emails is even higher, because Miller is now one of the main advisors of immigration policy of President Trump.

In my opinion, the article does a very good job explaining what happened and also why it is significant in an objective way, which is remarkable given the subject. The target audience is people interested in politics young and old. Since the article provides most of the facts and background info, the readers does not need a great deal of previous knowledge to understand whats going on in the article.

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  1. Despite what people say about the NYT, it can remain objective and focus on facts. I read a bit of this story and it’s just a matter of providing facts to counter the bullshit that most Trump’s White House appointees spout. Miller seems to think he’s some sort of genius. No idea why.

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