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The Vox article “The emoluments clause, explained for Donald Trump” does exactly what the title says. It explains the emoluments clause and states its significance for President Trump’s plans to host the upcoming G7 summit at one of his own resorts.

The emoluments clause is a group of provisions in the U.S. constitution, which basically state that any person that is holding office in the U.S. is not allowed to receive “any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”(Vox,2019)

Emoluments “would encompass sort of the profits of ordinary market transactions.” which makes this clause relevant for the upcoming G7 summit. Trump plans to host the summit at one of his resorts, which would lead to him receiving monetary gain from foreign governments in the form of their leaders and with that, violating the emoluments clause.

The article does a good job explaining these old and complicating provisions in simple terms to a younger audience. It also does a good job applying the concept of the clause to Donald Trump’s case and explaining why this is significant for the audience.

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  1. The expainers on the Vox site are, I think, the most useful articles the site does. They don’t treat people like dummies, but they take difficult subjects and explain to readers how/why they are news.

    Trump ought to read this one. (But he probably still wouldn’t get it.)

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