Explosion at mcm

Mega City- An explosion rocked the food court at the Mega City Mall around 9:53 a.m. today.

According to the MCPD, less than 100 people were injured, but two fatalities were reported. “The injured have been placed in various city hospitals but the two fatalities have not yet been identified.”Captain Fuglsang of the MCPD adds in an initial press conference. Reports of a missing child cannot be confirmed at this point, but investigations are commencing as if the reports were true, MCPD states

According to Nick Loya, who is an intern at Mega City Mall and was eating lunch in the food court during the explosion, the shockwave was strong enough to “blow me on the ground” and left him “uninjured but dazed when he got up.”

According to MCPD, early reports that exploding donuts where the cause of the incident can be ruled out and ” no prior warning was received abut the explosion. As of now, it is suspected to be an accidental incident.”

According to a statement issued by the Mall, Mega City Mall “will work closely with authorities to find the answers” to this incident. Federal and city authorities are en route to the scene of the explosion.

“Authorities are still arriving at the site to conduct investigations on the cause of the explosion.” confirm captain Fuglsang and adds that authorities are “in the process of analyzing CCTV footage of the incident.”

There will be a second press conference later this afternoon, where new-found information will be shared as the investigation is still in its early stages.

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