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Good evening. My name is Niklas Gustav and welcome to the 8 o’clock news on channel 8. 

First, let’s check in on a groundbreaking discovery in the science world. 

Scientists at UCLA discovered that earth-like planets might be more common in the universe than we think. 

In a NASA funded study at UCLA, a team of astrophysicists and geochemists are using telescope pictures of burned-out stars, called “white dwarfs” to look for rocks that could stem from Earth-like planets in their periphery. 

Alexandra Doyle, who leads the team of scientists explains that the rocks are quite similar to the rocks on Earth and Mars in terms of their oxidized iron. The oxidation of the rocks can mean that the composition of those planets is similar to Earth and that they could potentially support life.

This discovery proves that there could be many more rocky planets like the Earth in other solar systems and that the likelihood of finding one just rose immensely. 

When asking Morningside Bio-Chem major Joel Katzer about this topic he said: “It is really amazing to see how technology and expertise from different fields of science came together here to make apretty groundbreaking new discovery that could potentially change our future dramatically.”

Next up is our sports correspondent from the Morningside campus, that is buzzing in anticipation for this weekend’s CPAC championship football game. 

When Morningside College and Northwestern College clash on the gridiron in Orange City this weekend, the implication of this rivalry are even higher than they were in years past. 

While the long-running rivalry has been the deciding factor for the GPAC championship in each of the recent meeting, this year’s game between the two undefeated teams left in the GPAC while decide the outright GPAC champion on the last regular season game day of the year. 

While Morningside is ranked in the top 3 nationally in virtually every offensive and defensive category, Northwestern College also comes into this game with a strong offense and a defense that is highly ranked nationally. 

With such high implications on the game, it is not surprising that the Morningside campus is bursting with excitement for this duel of the unbeaten.

morningside Senior student Marcus Dodson shares his thoughts on this weekends game: 

“ I think that Morningside is going to travel pretty strong to Northwestern. It is for the championship and I think it is going to be a pretty competitive game.”

And now concerning news from the West Coast where wildfires have been wreaking havoc in both the northern and southern part of the state.

According to Cal Fire, three people were injured in Tehama County, near Sacramento while trying to contain the wildfires in that area. 

The three injured people were part of over 1200 firefighters and personnel that is tirelessly fighting the “Ranch Fire” since Sunday around noon. Despite the injuries, efforts to contain the fire have shown success, as the fire is now over 30% contained, according to Cal Fire. 

Morningside Junior and California native Nicholas Loya has the following to say about the wildfires in his home state : 

“Over the last few years there have been a lot more wildfires due to the California drought . Finally getting out of that drought, it has just been really devastating for a lot of people losing their homes and hopefully the communities can come together and get past this devastation.”

And with this insight, we are saying goodbye for tonight! Thank you for tuning in and make sure to be back tomorrow for your nightly news at 8 on channel 8.

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