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When entering the weightroom of the Morningside College Rec. Center, also called HPER, in the afternoon or evening, two things quickly become evident. 

Firstly, a surprisingly large amount of people are  working out in that space, especially given that it is mainly designed for the small non-athlete student population of Morningside. 

Secondly, when looking at the machines, squat racks and free weights in the room, the run down and in some cases non-functional state of the equipment is noticeable.

The students working out at the HPER weight room are overall discontent with the state of the facility. One of the students, Madison Reed, states: “Not only is the HPER weight room, in its current condition a hazard to the well being of the students working out there, but also does not provide a welcoming and motivating atmosphere due to dim lighting and dirty floors and fixtures.” 

Madison, who worked out at the HPER weight room for over a year, observed the decay of equipment first hand. “There are eight non functional barbells in the weightroom, which makes working out with them impossible. There are also many broken and missing cushions on the weight machines, which makes working out on them uncomfortable and even dangerous.” Madison also adds that “a renovation of the HPER weight room is overdue and the quality of life for all students on campus. 

While the students that work out in the HPER regularly are certain that a renovation of the weight room is more than necessary, the fact that this weight room mainly serves the non-athlete population on campus and that this population is fairly small might make school administrators hesitant to put large amounts of money into the project. 

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  1. The lead partially states what is going on. Could add right away that the weight room is falling apart or something along those lines.
    The quotes are good and are supportive to your topic.
    Maybe take the 4th paragraph and turn that into the 2nd paragraph so we learn, right away, that students are not happy with the weight room.
    Overall, a nice topic. Ties in well to the Morningside community.

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