An explosion occurred at Mega City Mall at 9:50 today. Police are still at the scene. We have several eyewitness reports. First, a local hospital nurse who was shoping for her son at the time had this to say. “Everything was like a Michale Bay movie. There were body parts everywhere . I was shopping for my son. He really wanted a turbo time action figure.” The local mall Santa commented on the explosion. “I was on a smoke break when I heard such a clatter, and all through the mall there was blood splattered. My reindeer were in the shop.”

Mega City police captain Ross Fuglsang commented on the explosion. “We are still working on clearing the site. We received no prior warning or threats of the explosion. We are working closely with Mega City mall management to ensure that the investigation is thorough and timely. We are in the process of viewing and analyzing CCTV footage in the mall.”

The Mega City mall released a statement earlier today. “Our sympathy goes out to all the families impacted by today’s events. We will work closely with authorities to find the answers and insure that MCM remains a safe place for our customers and associates.”