Man charged in killings of 4 women in Detroit.

DETROIT (AP) — A prosecutor announced murder charges Wednesday against a 34-year-old man in the slayings of four women whose deaths Detroit police have characterized as the work of a serial killer.

This mans name is Deangelo Martin. He was arrested in June and was already charged in the stabbing and sexual assault of 26 year old man as well as a kidnapping and assault of a 51 year old woman in May. He killed at least 4 woman while stowing their bodies in a vacant house in Detroit. Mayor Mike Duggan has plans to remove vacant housing in and effort to revive Detroit. The proposed resolution will be put on the March 2020 ballot and has been submitted to City Council.

Corey Williams is the author of this article and he does a great job with his lead at grabbing the readers attention. Using the word “slaying” is what initially made me want to read more into this as twisted as that sounds. So that was a great choice of word to use. It sounds like this man has killed a bunch of different woman by the way that this story was wrote, but i’m still unclear if it was him or not. It wasn’t specified. Maybe that is because the police have not figured that out yet, but that was confusing as a reader.

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  1. Slaying! Gotta love good, active verbs. Killed is so yesterday.

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