My interesting interviews.

Sometimes life gives you challenges, like talking to random people and asking them for lint out of their pockets.

As part of class today, I had to find student or faculty who would be willing to talk to me and express their favorite movies. I met with Tracy Tettle who loves movies, especially Harry Potter. Tettle said with a big grin,”I love Harry potter. I aspire to be Harry.” We began talking about Universal Studios and their fairly new addition to the Harry Potter section. She hopes to visit that amusement park some day in the near future.

The second part of this interview, I had to find someone on campus who had lint in his/her pocket. I ran into a nice fellow by the name of Andrew Nelson. When asking for lint in his pocket, he gave me a very funny look, as expected of course. Nelson said, “I don’t think I have any.”, while digging in his pocket. To his surprise he continues, “Oh wow, I have a lot.” He handed me a mixture of dirt and lint from his wrangler jean pocket. I thanked him for his efforts and said good day.

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  1. I’m thinking you mean Tracie Tuttle. Did you ask?

    See! People can be surprised.

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