Broadcast story; Sleeping giant may soon awaken

Spoken by Morningside sophomore Maleah Richter.

Long inactive Russian volcano could possibly erupt due to beneath surface rumbling.

According to Science News, a volcano on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, named Bolshaya Udina, has been dormant for at least ten thousand years but could potentially erupt in the near future due to beneath surface seismic rumbles. Yet, some researchers argue that the seismic rumbling could be related to active volcanoes nearby.

Late in 2017, scientists began noticing an increase of seismic activity near the volcano, so Russian geophysicist Ivan Koulakov and a team of researchers installed four temporary seismic stations near Bolshaya Udina to track the activity. Since then, there have been two thousand four hundred seismic events recorded, with five hundred earthquakes occurring in only two short months.

On top of the seismic activity, Koulakov’s team found a possible pocket of fluid, perhaps magma, underneath Bolshaya Udina. Because of the activity and detection of magma, it is quite possible that the volcano is emerging from extinction.

If this is true, catastrophic affect is extremely unlikely because there is less than eleven-thousand people living in a one-hundred-kilometer radius of the volcano. 

Although the seismic activity and magma may be evidence of the awakening volcano, other scientists are not convinced because the plumbing underneath Kamchatka’s volcanoes is complex and so the eruption may be destined for a different volcano.