Daily Archives: November 4, 2021

News Comment #10

Police say Henry Ruggs III was driving 156 mph. This wasn’t an accident. It was an inevitability. By Dan Wetzel (Yahoo!Sports)

The article addresses a fatal accident that happened in the night from Monday to Tuesday, caused by NFL player Henry Ruggs, in which a young woman and her dog were killed. The author describes the accident and the legal consequences it has for Ruggs. 

In general, I think the article is very informative. I heard about the accident earlier today and was looking for an article on the topic. Everything I wanted to know was mentioned in the article.

In addition, the topic is very news-worthy, mainly because it involves a deadly accident, a prominent athlete, and happened just two days ago.

Another thing I like about the article is that the author included quotes from experts, like a judge and a defendant specializing in DUI cases. This gives the article much more credibility. On the other hand, he also paraphrased some things and didn’t pick too many quotes.

The article could be more objective. You can definitely tell that the author has a clear opinion on the issue. In that case, I feel like having a strong opinion is normal. However, that also means readers can come to that opinion themselves, just by reading the truth. There is no need to convince them with excessive use of adjectives, for example.

I think the author could have mentioned some of the most important information a little bit earlier. It is in the third paragraph when he first mentions the death of the woman, for instance.