Daily Archives: August 31, 2021


How many of you have seen Star Wars? Talking about the first three movies, most of us would probably consider the Jedi the good ones in the story and the Sith the evil, am I right? But why? Jedi and Sith both have caused harm and suffering, and it’s not like the Sith do what they do out of pure evil. They do it because they think (for whatever reasons) it’s the right thing, even though for us, it’s clearly wrong. But we’re not objective. The creators of the movies lead us towards supporting the Jedi, and we are convinced to be on the good side of this. That goes for a lot of other topics as well.

Let me give you another example. This summer, Hungary’s government passed a controversial LGBTQ law. As a response, the Allianz Arena was supposed to shine in rainbow colors during the soccer match between Germany and Hungary at the Euros. However, the FIFA forbade it because it was considered a political statement. That’s when I thought: “Hold on, this has nothing to do with politics. Equality and acceptance for people of all sexualities should be something we all stand for.” Of course, I’m convinced that I’m right because it’s my opinion. But this is subjective. Apparently, other people have a different point of view. 

How can I claim they are wrong? Do I ever have the right to claim my opinion to be the right or obvious one? Is there even a right or wrong in any situation? At what point can something be seen as obviously right, looking at it objectively? When it’s written down as a law? Where is the line? Is there a line?

I haven’t found my answer to these questions yet. What I realized though, is that it’s important to always remember that there is more than black and white and that it’s always a matter of perspective.