Hunter’s Story- Scene Reconstruction

The challenge was simple. Throw a Frisbee further than your teammates can. This was the task set out to the cross country team members who met in a used car lot in downtown Sioux City after their trail run on Monday.

One of those participants was Hunter Davis. He described the cloudy day when these twenty men and women participated in this contest. The cross country team, he says, always do something silly after their workouts on Mondays. This particular Monday was cloudy and cool which made for an enjoyable run on their usual trail that runs along Floyd Boulevard out to Leeds.

Once they returned from the run, the team captains told them of the contest. At first the runners didn’t want to take part. When the coach saw the reluctance of his team, he added an incentive. “No one wanted to do it until the ice cream was involved,” Davis said of the competition. There would be two winners. One male and one female.

The ever present “Sioux City smell” filled the air as the competition got underway. Each participant threw the Frisbee and, if they got the record, would go stand at the landing site to mark the distance of their throw. The McDonalds where the winners would receive their prize was in sight. “It got pretty competitive.”

Davis ended up winning the prize for the men. He was taken to the nearby McDonalds and was bought a small Oreo McFlurry. The women, however, didn’t win anything. “Two of the girls tied so no one got ice cream.”

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  1.   fuglsang on September 18th, 2018

    I did ask about the smell, but does it work here, Joey? Consider “telling” details, descriptive elements that reveal something important in the story. In this case, I think the response to the tie and the coach stiffing two of his athletes needs more discussion. Looks on their faces? On Nash’s face? Grumbling under their breath.

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