August, 2018

Giving Stories a New Spin

I found a story on the rerelease of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album cover suit for his birthday (August 29th). Here are five more ways to spin this story.

  1. A look back at the success of Thriller
  2. A feature on Michael Jackson’s influence on fashion
  3. A feature on the 1980s trend in current fashion
  4. A look back at the making of the iconic Thriller music video
  5. A story about Hugo Boss’s other famous clients

Five Questions I Need Answered

  1. How many long, black, fringe dusters are too many for a 21-year old to own? Is five too many?
  2. How often can I tell people to come to Next to Normal before they decide not to come just out of spite?
  3. Are you too obsessed Cher if your drag queen friends have started to make fun of you for it?
  4. Why is it so hard to think of questions when you are put in a position where you have to write questions?
  5. If question one technically has two parts do I need a fifth question? (Not gonna risk it so this is technically a question now.)

What is a story? Why do we need them?

A story is our way of telling people about what is happening in the world. They are important because they are how we stay connected as a society. Whether they are fictional or non-fiction they bring groups of people together to learn about a topic, be entertained by a whimsical tale, or debate over a tough topic put forth by the writer. Without stories there would be no other forms of media because everything starts with a story.