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I plan to do my profile on Leslie Werden. After getting to know her in Mamma Mia! I have learned that she is a much more interesting person than I originally thought (because I was initially terrified of her).

I have an interview set up with her that has not happened yet so I don’t really have any information to put here yet that is an actual story. I plan to talk to her about balancing the work she does at Morningside and her work in the community theatre scene.

I also plan to talk to some of her students that know her mainly in a classroom setting that have watched her on stage and talk about the perception of people and how it changes when the are actors. I personally find it weird that the perception of a person can change after seeing them on stage because the person is playing a character, not performing as themselves.

This is a common problem in the entertainment industry that can be seen when an actor is most commonly associated with one character they have played or get typed in to a certain personality that is extremely different then how they really are. I plan to explore this in the more “educational” side of the profile.

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  1.   fuglsang on November 29th, 2018

    I may have said this before, but being a teacher/professor is, for me at least, a role I perform.

    There is also a theory that gender is performative. Most people perform masculinity/feminity based on social norms. SOme do not.

    So really, we’re all actors. Who we are, the “role” we play, depends on what stage we happen to be on. Some times we play the role that is against type.

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