Microplastics are being inhaled and consumed by not only animals, but humans as well. Microplastics are everywhere, and there’s not a whole lot that can be done now. Primary microplastics are plastics that were made small, such as the microbeads found in body scrubs or toothpastes. Secondary microplastics are items that were originally larger plastics, but have broken down over time into much smaller pieces. There isn’t a whole lot of research on what microplastics do to the human body, but the Earth’s wildlife continues to suffer. It is up to us to stop using plastic so much. Some things you can do is use reusable straws, and wear clothing made from sustainable products.

This article is very relevant to today’s world so it is a very important article for this website to publish. One thing the article did well was describe what primary and secondary plastics are. It also does a good job of getting the scariest information at the top of the article. One thing I didn’t agree with was how they have the tips to reduce microplastics at the very end of the article. I think the author should have tried putting it earlier in the story because not many people will make it all the way down to the bottom more times than not.

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