“Know My Name”

September 4, 2019

For years she was referred to as “Emily Doe”, but now she wants the world to know who she really is. Chanel Miller is now coming out with a book titled Know My Name that can take the reader through her thoughts and the impact that the sexual assault case that included Brock Turner has on her. This case involves a Standford student, Brock Turner, who raped Chanel in the alley while she was unconscious. Brock was run down by two guys who witnessed what had happened and held Brock until the cops came. Brock was only sentenced to six months in prison but only served three of them while having three years worth of probation.

One thing that really stuck out to me about this article was how there were two different sides shown which I think can be beneficial but this one may be a little extreme. One side showed how it was completely unjust that Brock Turner only received three months in prison and how he should have been in prison for years, which I agree with. The other side talked about how he was a star swimmer and how a lot of people thought he would go to the Olympics and how even this little of a punishment would hurt the young adults future. Another interesting part about this article was the fact that there were tweets in the reading. The website that I used, mic.com,is a website published towards millennials so I think it is good to throw in tweets like that because I think it can keep a younger reader engaged.


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