Sounds of Morningside


It is a quiet night in Siouxland, but that can be filled with excitement and fun when walking through its illuminated streets in the center of the city, where you can also enjoy the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, located on 3rd St, Sioux City, a must-do activity to enjoy a night in Siouxland. Here, you can enjoy concerts, gambling, and amenities for a unique night in Siouxland. You can also find various bars and restaurants near these downtown streets where you can spend the night.


Gavin Potts, a Morningside University student majoring in Biology and Chemistry, finds out that a documentary about the mines in Bolivia will be shown in Dr. Stacey Alex’s Spanish Intercultural Competence Through Language class in Lewis Hall 300. This type of documentary is essential to understanding the Bolivia story and gives a unique perspective that students like Gavin enjoy.


The high-quality Frost Glacier frozen sports drink from Gatorade is a refreshing option to fill you with energy and make you enjoy a sunny day at Riverside Park in Sioux City. Its new and elegant presentation combines perfectly with outdoor activities and, at the same time, keeps you well-hydrated.


Millie Bensley, a student at Morningside University, wears an outfit in the Yockey room located on the Morningside campus. Styling and posing are part of the Morningside atmosphere, where students like Millie show off their unique style. Her outfit not only tries to create a combination of white and gray with pink accessories, but she also seeks comfort when walking around campus.


Food is considered sacred, and according to the Catholic religion, during Lent, which commemorates the forty days that Jesus spent in the desert before beginning his public ministry, during these days, it is prohibited to eat red meat. However, you can eat seafood and white meat such as fish. This plate is usually cooked with a marinade of spices, including salt, black pepper, tagine, and cilantro, and can be accompanied by avocado, onion, and other vegetables.


The interior of St. Michael Catholic Church, located in South Sioux City, Nebraska, is where this year’s Ash Wednesday is celebrated. In this church, you can witness bilingual masses (English and Spanish) led by Pastor Fr. Carl Zoucha, who receives bilingual and monolingual families in this important week for the Catholic religion.

24 Frames – (5 best of them)

I chose these five photos because they are the most varied among all the 24; each has different elements, such as the trees, clouds with various colors, and the boat, and the framing of each one seemed attractive to me. The essence of the place I chose to take the photos is captured in the five pictures: the Sergeant Floyd River Museum in Sioux City.

Portrait of myself

1. What does the image get right? Has it captured the “essence” of your personality? ( p.113) How does it do that?

The image does well by showing a focus on my face, and the background is a little blurry; this way, my face stands out more. In the same way, the sunlight adds a good contrast to my face, making there be more shadow on the left side. The image has captured a bit of the essence of my personality because it shows an honest reaction to the beautiful view of the beach. I didn’t smile much, but I think my look expressed amazement and admiration, showing my personality as someone who appreciates the simple things in life, such as the sea. The image captures a bit of this essence because it was taken by accident at the exact moment I was looking at the sea, so it is a natural and improvised portrait, highlighting the expression of my face and my gaze.

2. What does the image get wrong? How could it be fixed?

What the image does wrong is that my face is not well-centered, and there is more space on the right side while I am looking toward the center. Likewise, the background does not seem to be straight. The image could be cropped so that my face is more towards the center, and editing in the background could be done to make it more symmetrical.

School Spirit

Daniel Guerra, a 9-month-old baby, supports Morningside University from his home in Sioux City and shows true college bond and spirit. His uncle is a student at Morningside, and Daniel could also be one in the future.