More Female Athletes Talk About a Taboo: Their Period

This was an article from the Wall Street Journal, and it talks about how famous well known women athletes have been talking about their mensural cycle more publicly in the recent years.

This article was not really informational based rather than informative. It didn’t read like a normal news story, it was rather subjective, and instead of talking about these women and perhaps why they are doing it, it praised the women which made it more subjective to read. I think it worked and achieved the goal that the writer intended, it just was a lot different than most articles I have read.

I think it shed light on important information regarding women’s rights, feminism, and how having that public figure status as athletes is a great way to normalize, and talk about sensitive issues such as a woman’s period.

One thought on “More Female Athletes Talk About a Taboo: Their Period

  1. It looks like getting to this story requires a WSJ subscription. It sounds like an interesting story. Considering recent stries about abuse of gymnasts and track athletes, these sorts of stries may be necessary.

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