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WNC #9

October 28th, 2010 by Gustav

ThisĀ story is on the glorious loss of the Miami Heat to the boston Celtics in the NBA season opener on Tuesday. The website I found this on looks like a blog. Consequently, this is a piece of opinion. Tha author states that LeBron & entourage had the worst game they will have altogether this year. So this loss is in no respect a negative one. Rather, he suggests now the league fears the Heat will be even better, as they still didn’t lose the game by a large margin, considering their more than poor performance. The author also references the strength of the Boston Celtics, and how they are a team of veterans.

i think this is interesting, as it cuts to the heart of blogging. I am a Celtics fan, and that’s not just since they’ve become a major power in the Eastern Conference. Still, i appreciate what this blogger thinks he needs to say. And i mostly agree with his points. The Heat will bounce back, and certainly won’t have many of these “mediocre” games. What I specifically liked about this post was the way the author set it up. He tried to lead into his short story. A joke served for the introduction, then he quickly maneuvered to get his point across. I also enjoyed reading some quotes, which gave the post the feel of a news story. Yes, a feel… but nothing more. The quotes could be from anywhere, or how would anyone know where this blogger got his information from. But that’s not a problem. I believe this blog was written adequately to its context. That means, it doesn’t try to arue a particular hostile point either against Celtic or Heat fans.

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  1.   fuglsang said,

    on November 1st, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    I’m not sure the link is correct, Gustav. It took me to some music download thing.

    You bring up a good point: How do we know where bloggers get their quotes. Very few (that I’ve seen) attribute their quotes to the other media outlets they borrow from. Isn’t that sort of unethical?

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