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WNC #14

December 10th, 2010 by Gustav

Some of you who are reading this might recall that I posted a “news comment” on three funny stories a few weeks ago. I thought to round up the semester, Why not do it again? So, here you go…

A 96-year-old woman returned a book that her late husband checked out about 74 years ago. The woman found the book while cleaning up the garage for a sale. The late fees amounted to about $2,700, but the library did not charge. However, they accepted a small donation of the lady who returned the book. This is absolutely out of this world. First of all, a 95-year-old having a garage sale?? That woman must barely be able to walk, let alone dig through garage crap, and then make a trip to the library to return a book after more than seven decades. Wow!

A hired Santa Claus who worked at Macy’s was dismissed after telling an “adult joke”. I found this particularly amusing because firstly I recognized the joke from one of my papers I had to write for a class about investigating humor. George Carlin used to tell this joke. And secondly, the naughty Santa now has a job where he can tell jokes, eat and drink all he wants. Awesome!

A shop owner sold himself winning lottery ticket that was worth about $1.8 Million, plus an extra ten grant for selling it to himself (for some odd reason I don’t understand). I think this is just super-ironic. Someone sells himself a winning ticket. Stories like these are just unbelievable unjust! But another funny thing… He wants to use the money to further retirement plans with his wife, who is about 30 years younger than he. Hallelujah – or shall we say.. Jackpot!?

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  1.   fuglsang said,

    on December 12th, 2010 at 3:46 PM

    Don’t misunderestimate us old people, Gustav.

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