News Comment 14


The article center around a hack on Uber where information about consumer and drivers license where stolen by a group of hackers. what the article says is the problem os that Uber didn’t proceed to report the breach to the authorities or to the consumers but payed $100,000 to the hackers and covered it as bug bounty.

After the information was leaked Uber proceeded to fire their chief of security and claimed that trying to cover the hack was a mistake.

What really takes my attention from this is that i completely understand all sides of the story. first why Uber would want to cover it up with Lyft having a lot of competition against them and the recent claims about the platform the couldn’t afford more things like that and supposedly the hackers would return the information. paying only $100,000 that i’m sure for a company of that size it wouldn’t be hard considering the stakes.

But I also understand the consumer, think my information was leaked and you didn’t even bother to warn me. this could have escalated to a bigger point . Uber was lucky it wasn’t Credit card information.

And the i understand  the government side. where basically Uber is covering up the payment for the hackers and making others seem like they can do that. when they should be applying the old and reliable we don’t negotiate with terrorists.

It’s a mess and a huge conflict of interests. But at the end i doubt this is going to make Uber go away



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