About Me


My name is Engels Perez, I’m an international student form Venezuela. Currently pursuing a double major in Mass Communication and Theatre; they both represent important things in my life and I just couldn’t decide.

I’m 19 years old and my passion from theatre goes back for at least 5 years now, I’ve been performing since I took a class in high school and the professor just told me: “have you ever considered acting as a career?” so that’s how my journey started.

My mass comm side comes form my love for television, radio, and film. this have always been important tings in my life and ever since I can remember I want to be in the other side of that tv, radio , or movie screen. Plus, my dad owns a digital advertisement company and publicity and media development has alway interested me as well.

I’ve been in 4 Morningside theatre productions: The Elves And The Shoe Maker, True West, Juanito And His Tales, and A walk in the park. i’m currently working on the fifth one : Love, Sex, and The I.R.S where I will be playing one of the leads Jon.

In the mass comm department I’ve been very involved with the radio having my radio show “The Static Age” and sometimes helping with the tv channel doing camera and directing.

I hope my experiences here at Morningside continue as interesting and as fun as they have been now, iIm looking forward to this new year.