News Comment: A Storm Forces Houston, the Limitless City, to Consider Its Limits

August 31, 2017

http://A Storm Forces Houston, the Limitless City, to Consider Its Limits

One of our newest transfer students: Reilly Mahon

August 29, 2017

Coming from Wester Iowa Tech, Reilly has decided to join us in our journey for education in Morningside College. She is a Junior and a Mass Communication major with a minor in Sports Journalism, so she might not be a very athletic person but you can be sure, a good sports conversation is guaranteed with her. So if you want to catch that  knowledge you might want to check her radio show every Wednesday from noon to 1pm, where she will delight her audience with music and sports (specifically Nascar).

For now she is just Settling down on campus, trying to get her homework and classes on the right place, but already she has been impressed with Morningside College campus and Mass Comm department.

We asked: what would be an alternative major that you would choose? She would be an English major, she enjoys writing everything that comes through her mind.  And just as a plus: her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.


How do we report on president Trump after Charlottesville?

August 29, 2017
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We are living in interesting times. Some people may call them bad, other may call them good; But if something is true, is that they are confusing. The article deals with a moral problem for the media, how do we report on president Trump after Charlottesville? here President trump basically did not show a strong opinion against the incident, some might say he even supported the white supremacists.

So how do us as students or workers of different media deal with a a situation where a man clearly doesn’t care (or at least not enough to show) about a subject so problematic. I believe the point of the article is totally right, the moment president trump said those words, he lost all respect and credibility, he became another white supremacist(in a way) he became the enemy. he seems to be keen in cutting every single tie he still has with the people that follow him. A president should speak in the interests of the nation, not on personal ones. Clearly here he shows the lack of capacity and preparation for the position that everybody was talking before the election. My opinion, media should not cover president Trump the same way from now on, they should be careful and start generating pressure against the white house, to show the rest of the country and the president that he is not untouchable, no one is. After all we are a democracy, Right?

On another note I do feel the article may have missed something important. To look for the media that is still willing to support trump the same way, and ask them, why? maybe they have good reasons or simply, excuses.

Here is my first news comment

August 28, 2017