Welcome, my name is Engels Perez and this is the 5 o-clock newscast for fusion 9-3 KMSC the student radio voice of Morningside college


On our stories today we have:

The knew challenges for Morningside theater department.

Keep an eye for the unexpected allegations towards Kevin spacey

And the struggles for students looking to improve their physical form on campus.


Starting with stories form our own campus


The Morningside Theater Department is facing one the hardest times in their history.

After the major was cut the department started working on improving campus shows and student productions. As Theater professor Taylor Clemens Explained – Play recording of Taylor— with the collaboration of APO the theater honor society; the department will start building over the student produced shows.

Brock Bourek President of APO explained – play recording — His goal is to extend the involvement even further than just the shows. Hoping that this will bring the interest of students to become more than just the audience.

The first show following this structure was Love, Sex and the I.R.S. with a cast, crew and production team completely formed by students. The only faculty involved was Taylor Clemens as a theatrical consulter.


Continuing with campus coverage


If you’re not an athlete student on Morningside College we might have some bad news for you.


Currently on campus Morningside only counts with one full weight room available for all students. Located in the HPER (Hi-Per). This weight room is currently not in the best shape. With multiple broken machines and others that just need maintenance or even a complete change. Multiple complaints have been filed by students and they seem to get nowhere.


As non-athlete student Luis Seijas explained – Play Recording Luis –


Students looking for physical improvement will find problems like: rusty equipment, lack of space, high risk of injuries.


Jesus Sanz a tennis player also explained how this affects athletes – play recording Jesus—


And now going to national coverage

Kevin Spacey has been accused of harassment. The backlash is making critics call for the end of a career.

Kevin Spacey was accused of making sexual advances on a 14-year-old over thirty years ago. Right after the accusations, the actor claimed to not remember the event. And proceeded to reveal he is deciding to live as a gay man.

After the events Spacey received criticism from member of the L-G-B-T community claiming he is just trying to deceive and manipulate when deciding to reveal his sexuality.

Madison Schueet student of psychology explained what she believes happened with  Spacey’s reaction –play recording—looking to delegitimize the harm caused by the possible sexual advances.


Netflix quickly announced to be cancelling house of cards. Also spacey will be replaced through reshooting by Christopher Plummer in his upcoming film All the Money in the World.


This was fusion 93 KMSC’s five o clock newscast. I’m Engels Perez, Good evening.










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