Friday November 09th 2012, 6:24 pm
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When reading different things wether it is a article, book, or blog it is always a good thing to involve satire. Satire allows some humor into what you are writing and I find that most readers enjoy when there is some humor. For me when I am reading something or watching a movie or television show I enjoy when there is some satirical aspects to it. I completely agree that the world is loosing irony and satire and I think my generation has a big part in that and should take most of the responsibility that it is fading. For instance people my age dont really watch shows that involve irony and satire and if they do it seems to me that they dont understand it. There are times when I dont understand the humor in certain things but that doesn’t mean I dont enjoy it when I do. Even if I dont understand it I still like it when authors involve it in their piece to make it more interesting and readable.


I have to agree with this, and I think that it is a complete loss. I really truly believe that if people can laugh at it they understand it better.

Comment by    Brittany 11.09.12 @ 7:02 pm