Wednesday November 14th 2012, 10:31 pm
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Again we have the topic of creativity in schools. I strongly believe that creativity is a big part of why so many students thrive in school. Lately school systems have seemed to cut programs such as art and music which I think is a very bad thing because it allows students to use their creative juices and do something that interests them. In these videos I really enjoyed the story of the girl drawing God. The teacher said “we dont know what he looks like” and the little girl said “they will after I finish drawing him!” This is a prime example on how creativity creates passion and inspiration for kids to draw what they feel should be drawn and how they see it. They learn more about themselves through this rather than reading a textbook about something else that already happened. If we got rid of programs that promote creativity in not just elementary schools but also high schools and colleges, students would have a lack of passion for what they are doing and I also think that without having these types of classes students will put less effort in other classes then they would if they had more courses with creativity.

Friday November 09th 2012, 6:24 pm
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When reading different things wether it is a article, book, or blog it is always a good thing to involve satire. Satire allows some humor into what you are writing and I find that most readers enjoy when there is some humor. For me when I am reading something or watching a movie or television show I enjoy when there is some satirical aspects to it. I completely agree that the world is loosing irony and satire and I think my generation has a big part in that and should take most of the responsibility that it is fading. For instance people my age dont really watch shows that involve irony and satire and if they do it seems to me that they dont understand it. There are times when I dont understand the humor in certain things but that doesn’t mean I dont enjoy it when I do. Even if I dont understand it I still like it when authors involve it in their piece to make it more interesting and readable.

Mayan Civilization
Friday November 02nd 2012, 1:20 am
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When reading this article about the mayan civilization and the believed ending of the world on December 21st some of it I had heard of in the past but some of it I was shocked about. I knew that the Mayans believed that the world was going to end in 2012 but I had no idea that they didn’t actually think it was ending they believed it was just the ending to one thing and the beginning of another stage in their life. It always thought that they saw it as the end of the world but really it seems that they see it as the end of one chapter and the beginning to another. One point that one of the daykeepers made was that even if they didn’t say it was going to be the end of the world, if the day came and went and nothing happened everyone would blame them and say they were wrong. No matter what they say or do people will always blame them if something does or doesn’t happen just because we misheard what they thought/think is going to happen in the future. The whole the world is going to end is something I think could happen but I am not going to sit around and freak out about every myth someone has or else I will never be able to live my life.