Finland Schooling
Saturday October 20th 2012, 4:29 pm
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After reading these articles comparing the American school systems to that of Finland I was shocked. The way they allow there kids to be creative and not have a standard test to take for everything they learn. In the US we are required to take a standardized test for almost everything we do and they never seem to end. I can remember having to take tests every since elementary school and they have just gotten harder, longer, and bigger stakes for doing well on them. They talked about how the US wants to base the amount a teacher gets paid by how well their students do on a standardized test and I think this is wrong! Yes I do believe it will make teachers teach better but if they are teachers they should want to do that no matter what. Also this will cause competition between teachers and I believe it will lead to more fights than actual teaching in the classroom. I really hope that the US will catch on to how well the Finland school system is working and realize that giving students standardized tests will not make them smarter in the long run.

Sexual Consent
Saturday October 13th 2012, 2:56 am
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In this video it portrayed what happens when a guy and girl start hanging out. For most cases they will end up doing stuff and not asking the other involved if that is what he/she wants to do but that should change. There needs to be time to talk about what the other is comfortable doing or it could lead to someone getting hurt or getting pressured into something they dont want to do. This video did a funny job at showing what you should try to do when put in these type of situations but exaggerated it by adding in the lawyers. I think talking about what you are comfortable doing is a great thing and will help in the long run with sexual consent or in some cases reducing sexual assault.

Saturday October 06th 2012, 7:44 am
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In this reading it talked about how many schools are loosing the creativity in their students. Now a days it seems like most schools want you to tell them the right answer wether or not it is what you think about he topic. In some schools they are taking away things such as art or music because of a loss of interest or loss of funding. For those kids that strive in these environments it causes them to not display their creativity to others. I agree with Robinson in saying that creativity needs to be kept in education or we will not thrive as a country. If we stop others from doing what they love or something that will help our future as a whole we need to give them the resources to succeed. When it comes to schools cutting programs like choir or art classes I think it is an outrage and could easily be fixed if we had our priorities straight. In high school sports always seem to have the upper hand and in many cases have a much larger budget to spend on new uniforms and such things. I personally was a athlete throughout my high school career but I dont think that we should take money away from the arts just so we can get a new wardrobe every year. And finally I think schools need to find a way to incorporate more creative activities inside the classroom so we can strive to do our best. Just saying the right answer most likely wont give us a job in the future but if we can be creative and share our own ideas and thoughts others may see us as more of an asset. Being creative is not a bad thing, it allows you to be unique in your own way and show others more about yourself.