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Friday September 21st 2012, 9:43 pm
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This article covers the topic of studying abroad and expanding your education outside of your college. In the beginning it talks about how low the amount of students studying abroad is and the reasons for it. There are a few reasons that seem to cause less and less students to study abroad and they are money, dont want to leave their comfort zone, and no help from the colleges we attend. Studies have shown that many students want to study abroad or show interest in doing so but dont get the opportunity to because of the cost and no opportunities from their source of education or college. In the article they talk about the lack of opportunities colleges give students to study abroad and one main reason they say this is because of the faculty of the schools. Many professors dont want to send students away or try doing it themselves because they know they wont get the same chance to make their own lessons and  do there own thing anymore. By sending their students over seas they dont have control of them and what they study anymore. After reading this article it shocked me to some degree. For me I always knew that not many students end up studying abroad in their college career but what really shocked me was how many institutions dont give the chance for their students to study abroad or explore anything else overseas. The fact that students are not given the chance to explore a new culture and at the same time expand on their education is a shame and all colleges and universities should offer it. For me personally I dont think I want to study abroad because I am so close to my family. Being just two hours away is hard for me at times and I dont know how I would handle a continent away from them. But just because I dont want study abroad does not mean that I dont think others should have the opportunity to do so. Another thing in the article that I think is very important is that fact that if we dont start leaning about other cultures and experiencing it that they will pass us by and we will be left behind. The world views are constantly changing and if we dont start moving with them they will move on without us and we will be stuck in our own ways forever. We have the opportunity to experience someone else’s culture so we need to grasp the opportunity and learn anything we can while we have the chance!


I agree when you say you will miss your family if you were to study abroad. I am so close with mine as well. Being gone for two weeks on a May Term would make it easier than being away for a semester! You should strongly think about still studying abroad! Your family will be there for you when you’ll return. This is your chance to experience new things and new worlds. 🙂

Comment by    Melani 09.22.12 @ 4:13 pm

It also shocked me how many institutions don’t give their students the option to study abroad or advertise for it. I think all students should have the opportunity to study abroad.

Comment by    Katie 09.24.12 @ 6:24 pm