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Saturday September 08th 2012, 1:51 am
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Both of these readings surprised me in different ways. The first article talked about male athletes taking over some of the well known women roles and women start working careers instead of just cooking and cleaning. I can admit that I am a sports fan and love the idea of it but after reading these articles my views changed a little bit. The first article stated that fans were upset when a player took a leave of absence for the birth of his child and I think this is just ridiculous. The fans should have enough respect to allow players to be able to see the birth of their child and spend more time with their families instead of being so selfish that they wont be able to beat a certain team without them. One or two games without your star player wont kill you! Also I believe that if a nobody player left for a leave of absence the fans would not have even noticed so they need to give the players a break! I like the fact that more and more women are starting careers and leaving the cooking and cleaning jobs to their husbands. Men need to appreciate everything we do for them and respect our ambitions to have a career. In the second article I was shocked at the statistics they had but after thinking about the sports shows I watch I realized everything they said was true. The fact that only white men seem to be the leaders of any talk show or sport event needs to change. Women and men of other ethnicities have the same ability to talk about sports and could potentially do a better job then most if they were just given the chance to. Another thing that they need to change is the number of guy to girl sports ratio on tv. They only show a small portion of information about the girl sports and about ninety-nine percent of the shows cover mens sports. Women are doing the same things that men are doing but dont get half the credit for it. I do understand that mens sports are more fun to watch because thats what I think but I do believe women should be represented in the same way, or at least have a ESPN station dedicated to women athletics. Another thing I think needs to change is the sexist images of women on commercials and the amount of violence that they show on sports television. We are not helping the younger generation by teaching them men are superior to woman and that violence and sexism is okay to partake in. Overall these articles opened up my view on sports and the men/woman dynamic.


I like the point you made about how if a nobody player took a leave of absence no one would notice. I think that is very true and more people should consider it when a star player leaves for a family reason. Like you said, it is not going to kill them to not have their star player for a game or two.

Comment by    Anna 09.08.12 @ 3:09 am

I love this blog! I felt like you did a better job at expressing the same feelings I have towards the articles and the ideas and studies that are a part of them. I strongly agree with your point that almost all sports that are televised on channels like ESPN are men’s sports. I’ve never given a thought about it before. Why can’t women get the same credit as men for doing a sport? Just because we aren’t men and aren’t manly.

Comment by    Melani Fada 09.08.12 @ 5:12 am