The Brighter Side

September 29, 2017 | | Comments Off on The Brighter Side

“I may be paralyzed but I can’t sit still.” This quote from Alex Watters may be the perfect description of his attitude and love for life. Alex is a first year advisor at Morningside College and is on the city council in Sioux City, Iowa. At first glance, you will see a man in an electric wheelchair zooming around, usually with a big smile on his face. Although, he is much more than just a chair. He is a foodie, beer enthusiast, sports lover, and an inspiration to so many people. After talking to Alex for just about an hour, I could feel the positive vibes he sends out.

Alex broke his neck in a diving accident, leaving him without feeling in his legs. This did not stop Alex’s unbelievably positive outlook on life. He talks about how lucky he is to be alive and how his accident could have been much worse.

Maybe the most impressive quality of Alex is his amazing knack for looking on the brighter side of life. One of his favorite things to do is to enjoy some good food and a good drink. He is a self proclaimed food connoisseur and loves to try new places. Alex says he will eat just about anything, except liver. One of Alex’s many suggestions, one that I cannot wait to try, is the diving Elk. He also suggested the truffle fries and burger. After meeting Alex, I can’t help but admire everything he has overcome and the outlook he has on life.


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