Why is this newsworthy? It involves Lebron James who is always worth some sort of news story.  But after reading what James had to say in this story, I have lost what little respect I had left for the man.  He seriously thinks that race is a factor in his loss of popularity because of “The Decision”?  What an idiot, plain and simple.  This is just another excuse for James who has suddenly turned into the worlds biggest liar.  Lebron James has become the most arrogant diva in all of sports in my opinion now.  This is what happens when someone is drafted straight out of high school and not out of college.  James was clearly lacking some maturity when he first came to the NBA and that was to be expected.  By now we all expect James to act in a professional manner and not childish and completely arrogant.  I hope Dwayne Wade is happy with the results of this offseason, because this is no longer his team.  Its Lebron’s Diva led team and Dwayne has to live with the consequences.  Good luck Dwayne, I won’t be praying for you for you brought this all on yoruself.

One Response to “Lebron Says Race Was A Factor In His Decision”

  1.   fuglsang Says:

    I think the story changed before I got to it. It’s hard for average people (like us) to understand what goes through a superstars head because we’ll never know who they’re talking to. I can’t imagine LeBron comes up with this stuff by himslef, so whose counsel is he listening to?