“It’s very shocking,” Oakland running back Darren McFadden said. “I call him Automatic Seabass, so it’s just one of those things. If he kicked that ball 100 times, he’s going to make 99 of them. It just so happened that he missed that one.”

That’s what Raider’s running back Darren McFadden said after the tough loss the Raiders suffered to the Arizona Cardinals.   What makes this interesting and worthy of talking about is the fact that Sebastian Janikowski kicked six field goals today and only made three of them!!  So when McFadden said that if he kicks that 100 times, he should make 99 of them.  That’s just not right considering that he missed three field goals and was the reason why the Raiders lost 24-23! If Janikowski had just made one more of those that’s all it would have taken for them to come away with a victory.  Not entirely sure what game McFadden was watching but obviously he should rethink his stance on Automatic Seabass’s nickname.

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  1.   Fuglsang Says:

    Maybe the quote came early. Or, more likely, statistics is not his major field.