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Dodgers make history in last nights NLCS win over the Atlanta Braves

Wednesday nights win for the Los Angelas Dodgers over the Atlanta Braves would be one for the record books as the Dodgers scored 11 runs in the first inning.

The previous record held by the Braves in 1999, would ironically be beat by the team who they were playing against. The Dodgers also broke a record held by the Yankees which was most home runs in a post season game after the Dodgers tallied 5 homers.

Incredibly, the Dodgers accomplished these two records within the first three innings of the game. The dodgers would later go on to break another MLB record by scoring a total of 15 runs, the most for an NLCS game.

The ball was carrying last night for the Dodgers as 5 different players hit home runs, and 7 players were awarded with RBI’s in the 15-3 win over the Braves.

Job Pederson, an outfielder for the Dodgers said, “That was really fun to be apart of. Scoring 15 runs in a game is a major confidence booster for our club and our guys.”

With the win last night, the Dodgers only trail by 1 game in the NLCS to the Braves. The Braves, who have been hot as of the playoffs, were suspiciously quiet last night. Maybe it was due to the fact the Dodgers scored 11 runs in the first inning.

Braves Manager Brain Snitker said, “That game was not a lot of fun to be apart of and our guys know that. But loosing a game like that is almost better than loosing a game 2-1.”

The Dodgers and Braves resume play tonight as the Dodgers look to tie the series at 2 apiece.

I thought the lead was effective, major history happened last with MLB baseball and it was clear what the point of the story was.

Audience is anyone involved in baseball and sports. Directed with Dodgers or Braves fans. Anyone interested in baseball should read this article because of the records being broke.

I didn’t think the article was missing a whole lot, it was very descriptive and easy to understand what records where broke and what teams previously held the records.

I would add more details about the game for tonight. Who’s pitching and some details we can see going into tonights game.

Dodgers Bury the Braves and Rewrite the Record Books

October 15, 2020

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